About Me

 Welcome...Nice to Meet You

My name is Cindy and this new blog of mine is one of the many little things 
I love about my life. 

 I have a wonderful sweetie-pie of a husband and three beautiful daughters I am lucky enough to stay home with. The four of them, bless me, teach me and amaze me daily. 

I taught Kindergarten for 13 years before having our first daughter and often wonder if I will ever return to the classroom full-time. For now...this is the life I have and I'm loving it.

 I love to decorate, organize, and dream up crazy projects to do around the house.  
Basically a day without a good bit of nesting is just not a good day! 

Thanks for stopping by.
 Oh...and did I mention...I love comments too!
Even the little ones! :)

Enjoy the day!

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