{Pumpkin Carving}

boy we sure know how to wait till the last minute around here sometimes don't we?
the girls did an amazing job getting showers, homework and dinner done before dance so we could carve pumpkins when they got home.

aubrey and i had this yummy dessert ready when they arrived.
i think that might have helped.

poor riley.
she had been waiting for this night since before we even got the pumpkins.
she had a design planned and everything.
but when dave cut the pumpkin open and realized it was rotten inside that kind of spoiled it for her.
it's really no fun when your dad has to dump all your pumpkin's insides down the storm sewer so they rest of us won't gag...true story!:)
she managed that smile at the end when she saw her finished design come to life.

janey surprised us a bit this year.
she wasn't her usual gagerific self!:)
(i had to hold babi up she could take part in the festivities)

she even reached in and touched it this year.
but then straight to the sink for a good hand washing.

aubrey was the most disgusted of the group.
she kept getting up and running away saying things like "get that thing outta here" and "i'm not touchin that". but she won't even hold riley's hand to pray if she thinks she's touched the chicken on her dinner plate already....another very odd but true story!!:0 ha ha
(see the nasty bruise and scrape on her sweet little face? she fell off the island chair and hit her head about an hour before. she cried big time and so did i!)

she enjoyed the planning and drawing of the design a bit better.

dave wasn't messin around this year.
he borrowed our neighbors super duper pumpkin gut scooper.
scary huh?

happy halloween,
be safe and have fun,
{thankful for}
1. free towing
2. fun new desserts
3. my treadmill and rockin music
4. dave's taking a half day tomorrow
5. easy classroom parties

on the way back from taking the girls to dance my van overheated and the check engine light came on.
i left it in the library parking lot and dave and aubrey came to rescue me.:)
it is being towed to the mechanics and we are praying it is a quick fix.
she is getting up there with over 173,000 miles...
aubrey and i our missing our halloween story time parade and we are sad about that.
hoping all goes well today.
not the trick or treat we were quite hoping for!:(

pumpkin carving 2011
pumpkin carving 2010

{Wax Leaves}

another great idea i saw on sarah's blog and have wanted to try since last year.
we gathered the leaves so long ago it seems and had them under a press in the laundry room.
they were flat and ready that's for sure.
i think they lost a bit of their color and vibrancy cause we waited so long.
now that we know how easy it is we will be a little quicker next year.

we just followed sarah's directions and melted it right on the stove top on low heat.

but be careful....it's HOT!

aubrey really got into it.

we had to interrupt this leaf waxing to get boo'ed by our buddies.
i love this neighborhood tradition.

beautiful and easy and the girls really loved it.
they can't wait to do it again next year.
now we need to hang them.....
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
dave...he works so hard during the day and
is always up for whatever crazy thing i have
planned for the evening.
i love you and thank you.

{Halloween's Past}

who doens't love a good trip down memory lane?
here is a quick peek at some of our halloween memories...

riley 16 months
7 months pregnant with janey
love the fl palm trees:)








happy halloween eve!
have a happy day,

{The Pumpkin Patch}

we made it to the great pumpkin patch!!
one of our all time favorite fall places to visit.
it was chilly but the sun was shining.

so much beauty to see.
and all from pumpkins...kind of crazy when you think about it.
the girls kept running around saying..."mom, look at this one.  we should do this at our house!"
can you imagine a porch and front yard filled with all this fall goodness.


look at these hanging green ones.

the maze was a big hit again.
it's funny...when it was time to head on one would come out and say..."where's so and so...let me run back and look for them"....a few minutes later another one would come out..."where's so and so?" this went on for about 15 minutes. i think secretly it was just a trick for more time in the maze.:)

 aubrey enjoyed the little maze built just for her too.

our visit wouldn't be complete without a little ice cream.
two chocolates one pumpkin.
plus one daddy stealing a lick.

the girls thought we needed a picture too so we could chart how much we have grown next year.

the details and the charm at this place are just amazing.


after a few hours the clouds stating rolling in and the temperatures were dropping.
time to pick our pumpkins and head to our warm car for a car picnic and the long ride home.

janey found this one and knew immediately it was for her...see the heart?!:)

this is what a long day at the patch looks like.

this truly was a wonderful family day.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
when the girls said "this was fun...we should do it more often" when we got in the car.
have a happy day,
for more pumpkin patch goodness with three slightly littler girls, check these out.:)