{Wax Leaves}

another great idea i saw on sarah's blog and have wanted to try since last year.
we gathered the leaves so long ago it seems and had them under a press in the laundry room.
they were flat and ready that's for sure.
i think they lost a bit of their color and vibrancy cause we waited so long.
now that we know how easy it is we will be a little quicker next year.

we just followed sarah's directions and melted it right on the stove top on low heat.

but be careful....it's HOT!

aubrey really got into it.

we had to interrupt this leaf waxing to get boo'ed by our buddies.
i love this neighborhood tradition.

beautiful and easy and the girls really loved it.
they can't wait to do it again next year.
now we need to hang them.....
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
dave...he works so hard during the day and
is always up for whatever crazy thing i have
planned for the evening.
i love you and thank you.


  1. Love those leaves. How fun. Your thankful thing about Dave here is so sweet. :))

  2. I have never tried this, Cindy but will put it in my folder for next year! Thanks : )

  3. Almost forgot...tell Aubrey she can join Flynn watching Nick Jr. today...Halloween all day long! : )

  4. oooh! When our leaves change, we are so doing this! Thanks Cindy!