{Weekend Glimpses and Pumpkin Carving}

aubrey and i took a quick trip to the mall on friday
old navy was having a big sale
look what i found for $2.50!

dress up for now and halloween costume next year
bee-autiful don't ya think?

i'm not room mom this year
in either class
feels a bit weird
i have been room mom somewhere since riley was in kindergarten
and sometimes room mom in both classes
it was a bit crazy at times i have to admit
but i still loved it
this year someone else is taking a turn
once i got used to the idea and relinquished that control...it feels great!
i actually got to go to the halloween parade this year
instead of being up in the classroom prepping for the party

i got to sit with janey during her whole party
and be with just her
it was awesome

riley went camping with the girl scouts on friday night.
she was so excited.
she got her list of what she needed and packed her own suitcase.
i had to bite my tongue big time as i watched her pack her light weight coat and leave out her sweatshirt.
as a mom i wanted her to be snugly and warm.
as a 9 year old, she wanted to look like "the rest of her friends" and not be too bundled up.
i wasn't sure what to wish for....a warm and snugly night or a cold one that taught her a  lesson...mom sometimes has a clue.
i went with warm and snugly.
and that's what she was.
i guess it was me who learned the lesson...trust your 9 year old????!!!!

riley being away for the night gave janey her dream evening.
snuggled up with us on the couch watching the world series.
eating ice-cream out of a mug like mommy.
and sleeping with us.
she is a snugler remember.
and would sleep with us every night if she could.

it also gave these two some one on one time.
it makes my heart melt to see sisters bonding.

janey has been saving her money for a horse.
thank goodness just the plastic kind.
she got her on saturday afternoon .
her name is penny.
thrilled doesn't even come close.

riley and i went on a date sunday afternoon.
i love those moments together with just one of my girls.
they don't happen very often so i have to cherish them.
we talked about
friends, school, styles, soccer, books and more.
she has been looking for a pair of slouchy boots for awhile and
we just happened to stumble upon some.
she was so happy.

we finished our date at barnes and noble.
looking at books and making a big list for the library.
i think we walked out of there with over 20 titles to order.

{PS. aubrey wanted riley to put piggies in her hair this morning...she was so happy!}

the night before halloween means pumpkin carving time.

this was absolutely too funny.
aubrey peeked into that pumpkin with such high hopes.
what could possible be in there....."ewwwww...disgusting"!
we all cracked up.
i seriously thought she might lose her cookies...for real!

any ideas where she gets all the drama from?

i think she likes the empty smiling pumpkins much better.

our porch is spooky.
our weather is crisp and cool.
our super easy costumes are set and
our candy basket is full.
looks like we are ready for tonight.
how about you?

have a happy halloween,


  1. We're ready to roll, too. I love how expressive Janey's face is. You have another one of those coming!

  2. Such great photos Cindy!! I never tire of reading your blog and seeing your sweet children and these pumpkin pics are funny! They turned out great too! Have a great 'spooky' night !!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your break from being a homeroom parent. I am not one either this year :) but am really enjoying the break!

    Your pictures are looking great and the girls are just so sweetly captured here.

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  4. I love Riley's new boots, and Janey's horse. :) I can't believe you found that bee costume for such a steal. Love it and LOVE that first photo here. Well, I really love them all. We still have not carved pumpkins with Boyd, we've got to do that next year. I love your pumpkin carving photos! Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween.

  5. cindy, i just LOVE that last photo of the 3 pumpkins with only the light from inside - gorgeous shot!!