hope your halloween was happy!
janey had tumbling till 5:45.
we had some fun playing with riley and aubrey out front till she came home.

daddy holding her up in front of our maple tree

poor janey
when she finally got home it was a mad dash into costume with two sisters yelling "hurry, hurry":)

riley the witch
favorite candy: airheads and now n laters

janey the jockey
favorite candy : whoppers and crunch bars

aubrey the pumpkin
favorite candy : any

and we're off.....

aubrey getting her first piece of trick or treat candy.
she was a bit shy about taking it out of the basket.
she asked me to help her.
it was a tootsie roll
and it lasted her for about 8 houses:)

she spent most of the time huddled up in the stroller
but finally wanted to get down and walk near the end

doesn't she look cold?
even with two shirts, tights, leggings, fleece and a hat
i think gloves would have helped
but who wants to eat candy in gloves?:)
she held that open lollipop and kit kat bar forever and never ate them

our best buddies and trick or treat partners for years

the girls had so much fun running around with their friends
but surprisingly were done at about 7:15.
i think the chilly temps and uncomfortable shoes had something to do with it!

so we went home to count our loot
and marvel at some of the "different" type of candy we got

janey and her "carmel au lait" lollipop
we love looking for the most unique piece of candy each year
this is what riley got in 2009

seriously a pecan pie....and lovin those green teeth!!:)

here's riley's most unique piece this year
and janey trying hers out

it was a happy halloween.

have a happy day,


  1. cute costumes. looks like they had lots of fun

  2. I forget Halloween is cold for most people. I've had ballerinas trick or treat sleeveless.
    We had an early evening as well. Kinda nice, in my opinion!

  3. Aubrey is the cutest pumpkin ever! Your pics are awesome...love the fall colors in the background! We like to come home and check out the candy too...we put it in piles and see what we got the most of!

  4. Oh my word, I love all of their costumes. I'm always a sucker for a cute witch costume, so I really love that one, but they are all great. The colors in that maple tree make the perfect backdrop for photos. Beautiful! Love how you showed each girl in their costume and listed their favorite candy, then Aubrey you wrote, "any". That would be Boyd too! :) Fun pictures!

  5. looks like a great evening. love the girls costumes. and I hear you about that mad dash to get going. it was craziness over here. fun fun.

  6. Looks like your girls had a great time!
    They all looked so darling!!
    It sure did look cold there! We walked around with no sweatshirts or anything, just crazy.
    Your maple tree is so pretty and the pics on the porch are just great!

  7. DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aubrey - you can tell she is a ham! Beautiful photos of beautiful children!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. Aww cute costumes Cindy, I love your little pumpkin! And look at all their loot, is that a Milky Way I spy, oh how I love those!! And the Crunch chocolate, yummo!! Looks like you all had a good night together :)

  9. such cute costumes and from the looks of it, a FUN neighborhood too - love it!! Happy Halloween!!

  10. hehe...I LOVE that you put their favorite candy. And Aubrey's is "any." :) I think the most fun we had on Halloween this year was the 5 way candy exchange after the TorT'ing. There was a lot of bartering and trading going on. And now they not only have a HUGE bag of candy, but a huge bag of candy that the LOVE. Yikes! Not so good after all. :)