{Salsa, Pho and Gratitudes}

we are big salsa eaters in our house.
we have tried all kinds.
all different types of recipes.
but the best salsa i have ever tried is one i can have any time i want.
my honey's salsa is truly the greatest.

he starts with these key ingredients.
chops everything up (except the lime).
adds it together and blends it all smooth with the immersion blender.
he then adds lime, salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

it is fresh,
filled with flavor and loaded with cilantro.
just the way i like it.

now i know you have had salsa before, but have you ever tried pho?
dave has made this recipe (minus the mint) for about two years now and
it is one of our go-to fall favorites.
perfect thing to make with your turkey left overs from the holidays because the flavors are so different.

my favorite part of this recipe is the star anise and of course the fresh cilantro.
you can never have too much of either in my opinion.
i prefer mine with the bean sprouts left out...but that's just me:)

dave adds a little "heat" to his
and of course uses chopsticks...he's cool like that!:)

i am so lucky to have a hubby who loves to cook
and when i say loves i mean loves
he is always treating us to delicious dinners, most of which are wasted on picky girls and mommies:)
if he could cook whatever he wanted, with no regard to who likes what and who won't eat this or that there's no telling what he would come up with...in other words, we stifle his creativity quite a bit:) but i think he'll keep us:)
thank you baby for all you do to feed us wonderful meals every single day
we love you!
the picky eaters in your life


i have kept gratitude journals on and off throughout the years and there is something powerful about looking for the good in each and every day, no matter how small.
dave and i even started a gratitude journal for each other before we got married.
every sunday we would write 5 things that we were thankful for from the week
we love reading back over that book.
we treasure it
we were pretty religious about keeping up with it...till kids came along and life got busy
which is really pretty sad.
every once in a while, one of us will pull it out and add an entry.
it's funny to see how the lists have changed over the years...they went from "thank you for the candlelit dinner" to "thank you for vacuuming and mopping and washing my car!!" ha ha
i thought since i try to blog most days, why not put my gratitudes right here
i've seen that a lot out in blog land and i like the idea

i love what karina is doing this month for gratitudes
i am going to try and play along...not quite sure in what fashion...but i'm going to try
wanna join in?

have a happy day,


  1. I am not a picky eater at all, so I would LOVE to come and be Dave's taste tester. :) I have to say, that salsa looks perfect and delicious. I am a huge fan of cilantro, like you. I would love to make pho, but the list of ingredients intimidates me. I have never had it, but I know I would love it. You are one lucky gal! :)

  2. ps. I love the idea of listing a few gratitudes at the end of each post. Maybe I will try that too!

  3. I keep saying I want to make my own salsa, maybe I'll have to try it soon. that soup looks yummy

  4. I love that your husband cooks for you. What a great gift! And I LOVE cilantro too! Can you believe there are people who don't like it??!!

    I love the gratitude journal that you and your husband keep. What an amazing thing to reflect upon! Looking forward to reading your gratitudes here!

  5. You are making me hungry - it is to early to eat salsa and chips at 9:45 AM? We have a Happy Thoughts journal - and like you, it's so fun to look back at what we used to do when we were newly married - and how little it took to make us happy. So glad you found a way to share your gratitudes - can't wait to follow along - thanks for the Linky Love.

  6. Oh, how I love cilantro! That salsa looks amazing!

  7. wow, do those 2 recipes ever look good ... oh how I wish I were a more patient cook! and the gratitude journal idea - love it! i always saw that as an "undertheme" for 'lucky as a ladybug' (hence the title), but somehow it too has been mostly reduced to weekly diary entries and is rarely all that profound - sigh ... you should host a blog link-up party with that theme, cindy ;-)

  8. umm...we need the recipe for the Pho, please. Love all foods Asian over here...and yes, the more cilantro the better. :)

  9. Salsa looks yummy! Neat idea for the 30 day challenge. I'll be looking into that one! :-)
    Have a great week.


  10. I've said this before...you are so lucky to have a husband that loves to cook! I bet he uses that special ingredient that I use for my family. ;)

    I love salsa and cilantro and chips!!!! Thanks for the recipe!

    Looking forward to reading your gratitude posts...love that idea!

  11. I have been looking for a good salsa recipe and it looks like I have found it!! This looks delicious!