{A Rainy Day}

it has rained all day.
gray and dreary.
it would have been the perfect day to stay put but
we stayed in yesterday, and two days staying home in a row
makes for a nutty mommy.

sorry...our play-doh looks neon

we spent the morning playing with play-doh.
we made little birds nests with eggs and worms.

this song inspired us.
and we listened to it over and over again.
i think aubrey likes the little girl singing.

later we braved the rain and headed to the mall
a little walking around
a little pretzel
a little bag of mini gummi bears
a good day.

after lunch we played with our "friends".
we have quite the dollhouse neighborhood going on don't ya think?

i love little people.
and i love to see those chubby little hands wrapped around them.

these two are mimi and poppy.
they had wonderful conversations together.
oh how i love that kind of play.

do you know how many times i was instructed to say,
"hi, my name's cindy...what's your name?"
but i love it.

and this little people lovin peanut.

i will leave you with another song we listened to over and over this morning.
we sang this a lot in my classroom.
i love it.

{don't forget to pause my music down below}

{today i am thankful for:}
1. wholesome music
2. play-doh
3. rain
3. a dry place to live
4. left over homemade spinach pasta for lunch
5. my girls

{you're not gonna find deep thought provoking gratitudes here...simple and little...that's me!}

have a happy day,


  1. i really can't believe how big your little one is looking! i loved the pumpkin carving picks too... so funny. :) you are rocking those camera skills mama! :)

  2. I always have to leave the house...at least every other day or I got nutty too...especially in the winter. Love your little birds nests...we haven't gotten the playdoh out in a long time. :(

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I get exhausted leaving the house every day, but then if we have a day at home, I'm a little nutty too. It's nice to get out and break the monotony of the day. I totally get it!

    Well, our playdoh is that yucky green/brown color, because Boyd combines them all the time, and I've given up the fight for now. haha. Love your simple gratitude list. I might start copying, if that is ok?? :)) Have a great weekend!

  4. looks like fun. I love watching kids interact with their toys

  5. ok, aubrey has really REALLY been growing up, she looks like such the little lady now, even with those chubby little-people-lovin hands ;-) oh how i miss the days of building towns from all of our house structures - what i wouldn't give to get that back!!

    ps - FAB photos, friend - really really sharp!!

  6. Such a nice sounding day filled with little moments to cherish!
    I'm loving those beautiful Fall trees outside your playroom window (yes I did look that closely lol)
    Thankyou for always visiting and leaving sweet comments Cindy xo

  7. We had that big dollhouse too! LB loved it! Sadly, we just sold it at our last garage sale. :( But wow, you do have quite the neighborhood to go along with yours. Awesome!

    Aubrey looks so beautiful in these shots. Looks like you're discovering new ways of working your camera. Good for you! :)

  8. Oh...we still have our playdoh even though we haven't pulled it out in a while. Love the doll houses and remembering those days of sitting in the floor and being told what to do. So cute!

  9. I love that Raffi song and rainy days too! Hope all is well with you Cindy. I haven't stopped by because we didn't have power for 9 long days here at home! It sure was interesting! Looking forward to being back on soon! Have a good day!

  10. Ahhh...makes me happy to know Aubrey includes us in her make believe.

  11. Oh Cindy! So many things to say! First, I can't believe Janey is taller than Ri! Love to see all the reading! The mantle is beautiful...love the pictures on the clothesline! The painting project with the soccer and ballet legs is adorable! Such an awesome family! Such an awesome mom!!! love ya!