{Long Weekend Glimpses}

hi there
happy monday!
the girls were off from school on friday.
we spent the whole day together.
just us.
which i think is the perfect way to start a long weekend.
we began it at the place we begin a lot of our days off...

then we headed to target for a quick trip.
in and out.
that was our plan.
we grabbed some glitter glue,
because you can never have too much of that
and a new notebook for each of the girls to use as a gratitude journal.
we have been talking a lot about being thankful.
looking for the little things in our life that bring us joy.
here are their first entries...

so far they are loving these little books and writing in them each night.
we even pulled it out for janey to look at when she was feeling sad.
i think this idea is a keeper.

we baked and shared these yummy cookies.
the house smelled amazing.
perfect fall cookie.

and painted these little masterpieces.
thanks for the idea megan.
you can tell they got immediately framed and are now hanging in our basement.
can you guess who's who??:)

saturday i was in a nesting mood.
i printed this free printable and added it to the mantle.
i also printed some old halloween pics of the girls to hang up.
i originally saw the idea over at sarah's.
a little late i know, but they had so much fun looking at them and now i am all set and ready for next year. i need to find a new place to hang them though, i had to leave out some that wouldn't fit.:)

we had some friends come over for playtime and pizza saturday afternoon.
dave made 6 pizzas...everything from a white pizza with broccoli and garlic to bbq chicken.
super yumm-o.

saturday night three of my lovelies spent the night in a tent.
crazy nuts!!:)

it was in the 30's with winds gusting to probably 35 mph.
in the morning, janey described it as sleeping inside a breathing monster because the tent walls kept "inhaling and exhaling" all night.
i think that's because it's was so windy  half of the tent stakes lifted out!:)
i didn't sleep very well (but better then they did i'm sure)
i kept listening with one ear for little feet coming up the stairs in the middle of the night to get in those warm beds.
but it never happened.

when they came inside sunday morning (for hot chocolate!)
the fact that their weight was gone from inside the tent started the "lift off sequence".
we were scrambling in the cold and wind to get everything out of the tent and the tent inside.
i'm sure our neighbors enjoyed the show!:)

sunday was peaceful and easy
sometimes you need a day like that after a night of no sleep
the big girls made a playhouse out of a freezer box (yes...we got the freezer for the garage...couldn't
commit to bedding yet...!;))

and there was a lot of this going on

ahhhh...can you feel the peace?
we had the ultimate comfort food for diner too
roasted chicken with mashed potato's and gravy (and asparagus too)
warm and delicious

{toady i am thankful for}
1. warm delicious dinners
2. hearing "read it again mom" and "i'll read it this time"
3. loving teachers to care for our girls
4. a husband who loves to camp
5. creativity

hope your weekend was amazing too.
have a happy day,


i'm sure most of you have seen joy's happy day project?
sounds amazing
check it out
we're gonna try and play along too.


  1. looks like a great weekend. love the reading pictures, is there anything better than a child who loves to read?

  2. I think that is such a great idea that you are having your girls list what they are grateful for. I love how you are sharing your sweet heart with them. Now I want to print off Boyd's Halloween photos and make a banner like yours. That is adorable. Love those paintings that you did, that were inspired by Megan. They turned out so cute. What a good weekend!

  3. I love their gratitude journals - what a great idea. I printed the same subway art (actually I printed both colorways cause I couldn't decide - still can't). I'm in love with that window above your mantle and the photographs hanging below are brilliant. You had a wonderful fall weekend - can I have some of those yummy cookies.

  4. Love the journals Cindy...what a perfect month to introduce them! Love your mantel- so pretty! We made a picture banner too of our Halloween and pumpkin pictures. We don't have a mantel so we hung them across our kitchen windows. Everyone enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe...I cannot wait to try those!!! I printed that subway art too...just haven't found the right place to put it yet!

  5. we do gratitude journaling, too, but usually it's limited to a handful of times between th'giving and x'mas and then saved away once the new year hits ... i definitely prefer the cindy method though - needs to be much more of a daily thing!!

    btw, your 3-day weekend sounds absolutely heavenly, minus the freezing cold and windy night in the tent - I would have lasted less than 10 seconds there ;-)

  6. Your mantl is so pretty! I love the picture banner, I'm folowing your blog now =)