{Gratitude Project::Week One}

1. warm food  2. fall color  3. little hands in my life
4. thankful young hearts  5 .a fun husband  6. a new view  7. books to read

playing along with karina
won't you join in?


ok, first week complete
this really has been fun...and gratifying!:)
the challenge for me, has not been to think of things to be grateful for
but instead, being able to capture them with my camera....
i am learning a lot...but i have sooooo far to go:)

have a happy day,


  1. How funny that we have so many of the same things....and for todays I was thinking about Books, how I miss my book club babes (from our past two moves) and thinking of starting up one here. Great minds thinking alike. I know it's hard to try and capture an image of thankfulness - but I like that challenge. Go easy on yourself - you will notice I have some pretty lame images, but they spark warm thoughts for me, and that's all that matters. Happy Fall!

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  3. oh, cindy, i just love that you're taking the time to post/share your weekly gratitude project ... very inspiring ;-)

  4. Hi Cindy! I love your pictures, it does look like alot of fun to do :)
    I'll have to figure out how to use a template for photos and join in :)
    Are they new curtains? I like them!
    Have a great week my friend xo

  5. This is how I started Cindy. One picture a day. It's just like playing the piano, with daily practice you eventually play some beautiful music. From scales to sonatas!
    Have fun with it. Loved your shots.

  6. Love your gratitude project Cindy! Not sure I could do a post everyday...but I would love to do one a week. I think your pictures capture the feeling...don't be so hard on yourself! You take great pictures!

  7. I wanted to do this! I wonder if I still can. Probably not. I love the idea of it. This is something blogging has really helped me to do. Focus on the little things that mean so much and to appreciate them. You are so good at that! Looking forward to seeing your month unfold.