today was a weird weather day.
one minute rainy and windy.
one minute sun shining and windy.
and i mean crazy windy.
honestly felt like it could snow at any minute.
oh please...not yet!

spent the day inside caring for a sweetie not quite feeling herself.
i think the time change has messed her up too.
sleepy little baby.

dave is heading out of town for the night.
so i will be flying solo.

big plans though,
big plans.

dvr'ed parenthood and putting 750 photos into albums
sounds fun huh?
i will have my usual mug of breyers mint chocolate chip so don't feel too sorry for me.

so how was your day?
your weather?
your evening plans?
hope they are all good!:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. apples
2. a warm home
3. friends to bring me goodies
4. left over pizza
5. quiet time


  1. Hello, new to your blog. You have a nice place here. Now I'm off to hunt down an apple :)

  2. cindy, i just love love love that photo of aubrey with her eyes open wide - the light in them is amazing!

    i'll bet that wild weather of yours is on the way here, it always seems to work that way - boo, I don't like the wind :( ... wish i had even half of your energy after the kids go to bed ... I could do the parenthood and breyers part (tee hee!), but not the photo part - too much brainpower required and i'm on empty after 8pm ;-)

  3. We did have snow today. . .just in the air, but ughhhh!!

    Your pictures are getting so good, Cindy!!

    Have a good night with your ice cream!

  4. 750 photos? Holy dooly lol
    My weather has been a scorcher, my plans have been filled with volunteer work at the kid's school and my night was restless (baby boy decided he wanted to play at midnight!)
    Have a great day with your little munchkin, and thanks for always popping by to say hi Cindy xo

  5. sweet, sweet photos! And yes. Alone time. So grateful for that. Enjoy your ice cream. :)

  6. hi Cindy!
    love the apple pics with Aubrey. So sweet. Love the composition of the one eye level with the apple in her mouth. Really great. You and that camera are getting very talented!!
    Hope the girls are good for you while you fly solo.
    i want to get into parenthood, i hear it is so good. I need season 1 on dvd.
    stay warm Cindy, and have a good night!

  7. I love the picture of her mouth full of apple.... great eyes shot! Hope you did okay solo. btw... 750 pictures in albums, amazing!

  8. Such a sweetie girl. Your pictures are so pretty and the lighting is always soft. Love that.

    P'hood = big love. I am watching an episode tonight that I downloaded. I am still behind but hope to catch up before we make it back!

  9. Sorry your baby wasn't feeling quite right. I hope she wakes up today and feels great. BEAUTIFUL photos Cindy. I mean, really, they are gorgeous and the lighting is so pretty. We have a cold snap right now. I think we were in the 50s yesterday. I love it!

    I hope you enjoyed your photo project, your tv show, and your ice cream. :)


  10. love the pictures. hope you had a great night alone and your hubby isn't gone away too long

  11. Hope she is feeling better soon! So much going
    Around this time of year. That ice cream sounds
    Good right about now as I've had a sore throat
    For awhile :-) I hope you have a great day and
    Keep singing that toys r us song lol


  12. This time change is the worst. And my kids are up before the sun.

    Aubrey is too cute.

    750 photos? You are a rock star.