{Ten on Ten}

ten photos in ten hours on the tenth of the month
trying to capture the beauty of the ordinary moments in our day

here is a peak into ours



breakfasting and playing

aubrey saw her winter coat for the first time this morning
and wanted to eat breakfast in it.:)



slurping and shopping




i have wanted a picture of this moment forever.
whenever aubrey and i read together she holds my hand
just like that.
love it!



this was our first time playing along.
it sure was fun.
hope to see you next month.....

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have a happy day,


  1. love your day, Cindy!

    That one of Aubrey holding your had is priceless! Good job getting that shot!

    I'm still trying to get 10 in :)

  2. love your day too! so sweet! I only got one picture today. not workin for me this month :)

  3. Love that one of your youngest holding your hand, so precious! Thanks for sharing your day with us :)
    P.S. I just made a Fall banner yesterday with the same items you are using :)

  4. it was so gloomy and rainy here today - no photo love at all for us :( But I am so so SO glad to see yours!! oh to have a little one again ... sigh ... the one of her little hand on yours says it all ...

  5. great way to capture the little moments of your day

  6. What a cool idea. Moms work so hard, don't they? I love your day! 5:00 walking, really? That's early! What time do you go to bed?

  7. Lovely photos- looks like a happy day. Love the little hand in your reading photo. Sweet.

  8. Your lunch looked delicious.
    I LOVED your story/hand picture. I had in my mind to take a picture of me and my littlest today while I read. It didn't work... maybe next time.

  9. Wow! up at 5 to walk... you are a rock star!

  10. Loved that you joined this month Cindy! Wow, you are one early bird! I think that may be the cutest thing I have ever seen, her holding your hand while you read. Precious, precious.

  11. Oh my word, my heart melted at the photo where you said Aubrey holds your hand like that when you read. So glad you captured that in a photo! Love your set. Your lunch looks so good. Love the pictures of the girls at breakfast and in the car. What a great day. :))

  12. That little hand is so sweet...the same one holding tightly to that slurp cup. What a fun treat at Target!

  13. Your daughter holding your hand while you read is so sweet!

  14. Glad you joined in the fun this month Cindy! Your pictures are all fantastic! Like everyone else, I love the picture of Aubrey holding onto your hand while you are reading. So sweet! I'm sure you will forever love that picture.
    5 am walking...wow! You must go to bed early!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Such a great set, Cindy! I am in love with the one of Aubrey holding onto your hand. What a beautiful moment captured forever. :)

    That is one fancy treadmill! I am totally impressed that you get up at 5am! I barely make it to the gym by 9am for class.

  16. Great Ten on Ten Cindy, I will join in next month (you may need to remind me lol)
    I love that sweet sweet pic of Aubrey holding your hand and that sandwich looks delicious!!!
    Have a happy weekend my friend xo

  17. Oh I had seen this idea on Kerri's blog and meant to try it out this month and forgot! Hopefully I'll remember for December. You always take the cutest pictures. I love the one of her holding your hand while reading. So precious! Have a wonderful week.


  18. Oh I just love your pictures! The one where she's holding your hand is the best! What a precious moment!!

  19. Cindy, love the reading with her hand on yours. Moments like that just melt your heart and you hold them in your mind clearer than any picture you could take. Love the ten ordinary moment picture idea:)

  20. Hi Cindy... it has been Way too long!! I wish I could find more bloggy time... I miss my blog friends! ;) Your little baby is SO big!! I love that picture of you two reading! OH...
    Happy Birthday to your sweetie!