{Weekend Glimpses Birthday Style}

happy birthday to my sweetie!
dave's birthday was on friday.
he actually bought a lottery ticket at exactly 11:11.
we won't be moving out west to a house in the mountains anytime soon:)
but it was still a pretty special day.

we like to stretch our birthday celebrations out for as long as we can around  here.
so friday night we opened presents.

aubrey was so cute reading her card to daddy

and smiling
{see those little green squiggles...she really was trying to write "happy birthday daddy"}

daddy and his girls
completely and totally loved

saturday while aubrey napped and riley had a girl scout outing and her first indoor soccer game
janey and i made the cake.

pioneer woman's pineapple upside down cake...by request.
it was yummy.
our friends came over that evening
for some "happy birthday to you" kind of fun.

happy birthday baby
we have been together for 14 birthdays
i love you more now then ever
you're the best!!!!

we spent the rest of the weekend
hanging out
jumping outside in 45 mph winds!! (maybe not quite...but crazy wind!)
making models of the earth and
clothespin pilgrims
good stuff i tell ya:)

hope your weekend was a quiet one.
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. another year with my sweetie
2. working on projects with my girls
3. friends to laugh with
4. a beautiful sunset
5. homemade chocolate chip muffins baking in the oven made by the above mentioned sweetie!


  1. Happy birthday to your guy. That was Blake's 5th birthday too. looks like a great way to enjoy the weekend

  2. aw, what a sweet post, cindy - and a wonderful weekend!! happy happy birthday indeed - loved the homemade b'day cards, i could totally tell that aubrey was trying to write words, loved that!! what a special weekend :-)

  3. I'm laughing at Riley's pride holding up the t-shirts. You know your the parent when you get excited for new underwear for your birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet husband. What a great day for a birthday. Too bad he didn't get a winning lottery ticket. :)) I bet a ton of them were sold on that day! The cake looks fabulous, and all of the pictures are so sweet. Have a great week!

  5. looks like a great birthday weekend.

    I LOVE that pineapple upside cake. my birthday is in september, i'm putting in my request now.

  6. Happy birthday to your husband! Looks like a very blessed day! That cake looks delicious!! Have a wonderful week.


  7. Happy Birthday to your husband! How cool that his birthday was on 11-11-11! Love all your sweet pictures of dad and his girls...I can feel the love for sure! :)