i switched my camera to the ever scary "m" yesterday
not really sure why
i certainly don't know what i'm doing
but i figured who says you have to know what you're doing first???
i adjusted a few things
and i do mean a few and this is what i got

not too bad right
i know it is a bit underexposed, but i was going for that "ethereal lighted look"....
and yes i just made that up!

then these strange dots started to appear
i didn't notice them while i was shooting the picture
i am guessing they are light reflecting off the lens?

then they disappeared

my favorite is the first one and the second to last one
so i guess i'm good
i found this cool little series on you tube called digital photography 1 on 1
i only watched one lesson (don't laugh!) and there are like 60 something
i like it so far so we will see
feels a little more classroom like
then just reading a manual

hope your friday is wonderful
ours is going to be filled with a quick mall trip, halloween parades, and class parties.
sounds fun to me

have a happy day,


  1. Ummm hello Mrs. Manual! :) LOVE these shots. They are perfection. The first one is my favorite, but they are all so great. I love the light orbs too, I think they are reflections. See, now you've inspired me to shoot in manual more often. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love to play around in manual and see what you get! I think the light is so pretty and it doesn't hurt when you have such a sweet model!

    I always love the weekend of Halloween - so many fun things to do! Have a great weekend!

  3. These images are amazing - absolutely love that first one....an yes - your beautiful model has something to do with it I'm sure. I love the little sun flare spots - like they are kissing her sweet face. Kudo's to you on your move to {M}. (PS - some days I switch back when I get so frustrated at not getting the shot I wanted....it's all good).

  4. great job! finding some good tutorials and then being willing to experiment is everything! :) great job!!

  5. i just realized i said great job twice. that's me trying to comment and being tugged on by little hands at the same time. GREAT JOB> ;)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I've checked out the site and signed up for the newsletter now just have to find time to read it all, lol.
    Have a great weekend!


  7. ooooh, cindy, the very first one is my favorite, too ... love it!! i believe those light dots are called 'flare', i get them when i'm shooting towards the light source ...
    really really pretty pics - you go girl!!

  8. I'm hopeless at reading instructions let alone watching 60 tutorials!! It just doesn't sink in lol
    The pictures are lovely, keep up with the experimenting :)