I Lost My Third Tooth...

...in Janey's words...
"I was playing on the landing with my toys
then I decided to wiggle my loose tooth with my finger

and then with my tongue

I couldn't feel my tooth
 so I looked on the ground and it wasn't there

 then I realized that it was in a different place in my mouth.

Then I called my friend Taylor
because he has been wanting me to pull it out.
And I called my dad. 

That night I drew a picture

and wrote a letter for the Tooth Fairy

{Dear Tooth Fairy,
You are probably wondering why I am giving you two teeth.
Beacuse I am giving you my first tooth too.
Love Janey}
Then I put, my tooth, letter and picture under my pillow

Can you see where my tooth is missing?

In the morning I found $1 and a note from the Tooth Fairy

Bye for now
The End"

{some photos staged for retelling  purposes :) }


  1. awe!!!!!! This is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats, Janey!!!!! Taylor is very excited for you!!