Murphy's Law Got Me...

I guess  right after you name your new blog
The Grateful Home
{update...name change! I have a committment problem!!:) }
 you are bound to be hit with a day
that inspires anything but gratitude!
Today was one of those kind of days!
clothes that just "had to be worn" by Janey didn't fit
hair bows didn't match
burnt bagels left in the toaster too long
Aubrey woke up early (and then later skipped her morning nap)
throw up on the carpet
falls on the hard wood floor
the list seems to go on and on...
and it was all before 8 am!!!

As I drove the girls to school and tried to regain control
I apologized to them for not being the kind of mom today
who makes a bad day turn into a good one
Riley replied with a "That's ok mom...we did it for you"
And they certainly did!

I know after this kind of beginning things can
only go UP right???

Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good.
Ernest Holman
{daughter Riley's photo}


  1. i've had way more days like this than i wish to count! but good for you for turning it around. and great job!
    congrats on your new endeavor...blogging! i started in july (i think) and have been so pleasantly surprised at all the blessings that i've found through doing so. this bloggy world is full of fantastic people. good luck and have fun!