Five Things That Make You Happy

well after yesterdays party and the inevitable sugar induced grumpies that followed
{thanks Jen for reminding me where my grumpies were coming from}
i decided we could all use a little dose of happy

so this morning the girls were greeted with a blank piece of paper and a pen
i told them to write down five things that would make them happy

they had to be ordinary everyday things...not a trip to disney or a new puppy
i told them i would do my best to fulfill their wishes
i was a bit surprised by what they wrote

Janey's List
1. jokes
2.snuggle time
3. play board games
4. tv tag (playing tag and saying a tv show title before you are tagged)
5. crafts

Riley's List
1. drawing
2. climbing
3.playing with everyone
4. tag
5. crafts

My list would probably look something like this:
1. kindness and good manners
2. helping each other with a happy heart
3. snuggles and hugs
4. giggles and laughs
5. everyone has quiet time alone :)

today I am going to do my best to fulfill their wishes
and the funny thing is, i have a feeling mine will get filled in the process

oh...Aubrey's only request would probably be to get rid of her ear infection an early morning trip to Convenient Care just diagnosed...ouch!!

dave...I'll ask him tonight!

what 5 things do you think your loved ones would write down?

have a happy day!!


  1. Cindy, your posts always make me smile! I'm off to get a blank piece of paper for my son! ( a little nervous though of what his 5 things will be...we'll see!

  2. Such a sweet idea. My kiddos are all gone today...I'll be sure to do this with them upon their return. This would make a sweet weekly journal idea...

  3. This has to be the cutest thing ever ... we do similar things at holidays (what we're thankful for at Th'giving, what we love about our sister on her birthday, etc), but to do this on a regular ordinary day is just wonderful! I like snuggles too ;-)

  4. This was so sweet! (thanks for stopping by just now!)
    I think my kids would include baking brownies, playing hide and seek, snuggling at bedtime, reading favorite books, and dance parties with mama :)
    I'll have to ask them when they wake up....

  5. just may have my kids do this tomorrow...love your little ones lists!!

  6. wow, this made me smile from ear to ear... :-)

  7. Really shows you that it is the little things that matter so much!