A Little Happy

I have not posted about my sweet little Aubrey in awhile.  I think she got a bit lost (not really!) in the back to school hoopla.  Now it is just us at home all. day.  The mornings are quiet.  I forgot how quiet quiet can be.  We play and sing and dance to JoJo's Circus.  Anyone remember JoJo??  It is one of my all time favorite kids shows.  The girls still love to dance to the cd.
{sorry it's blurry...she moves so fast!}

sitting on her "truck" and reading
she's a multi-tasker already

Remember this window?  Well, Aubrey still loves her window.  During the summer she waves at Dave through it as he goes by on the lawnmower.  But her window is even more entertaining now that it has been open to let the cool "wish this was really fall" breeze in! 

oops...what's that in your hand....

yep...that was a bug...
{note to self, clean window-sills}

sorry sweetie
come give me a hug

Yesterday Aubrey got her first pair of shoes!!  This was a big day in our house.  She loved them! And if watching a toddler sway and stagger as they walk isn't cute enough...

add an adorable pair of new shoes to the mix

yeah...you can keep them...

just as long as you don't walk too far away from me
and you always come back for hugs

This morning she spent a long time giving her baby a ride.  It's amazing how quick little girls can fall in love with babies.  Having two baby crazy big sisters in the house helps a little I'm sure.

can you hear the "brrrmmm brrrmmm" noises???

So there you have it...a Little Happy sent from our house to yours.  I hope your Friday is filled with a Little Happy of your own.
Enjoy the day
and have a great weekend!


  1. bugs are good protein! cute photos. happy friday :)

  2. So precious!! Love the new shoes! :-) Have a great weekend!

  3. so cute. must feel strange only having her home all day now, and I bet she misses her big sisters too

  4. We used to LOVE Jo Jo...I can still hear her sweet voice and the cute song at the end of the show! I love how you capture the ordinary (but oh so special!) moments in your pictures.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh well...at least the bug was little. Love the shoes. She looks so grown up.

  6. so sweet, love these pictures, too! she looks proud of herself in her new shoes, : )

  7. Aww, how adorable is she? What a doll! I love her new shoes and the window pictures and bug eating were too funny. I'm sure you had to close those windows yesterday and today with the heat we've had. :( Were are the 70 degree temps? I'm so over this summer weather.

  8. oh! That B&W picture of her looking down at her shoes in the light is breathtaking!

  9. Well hey there stranger! Between our 2 different road trips, it's been a looong time!! I loved catching up with all your updates here ... hard to believe how much has changed in what seems like just a few short weeks! These photos of your precious Aubrey are beautiful, she's so adorable, I especially love the shoe shots!!

    Fun to be back - have a great day!

  10. PS - you're right ... "Draper's" is every little girl's dream: an explosion of pink and green and flowers and ribbons, and it's the real deal: an old fashioned ice cream parlor at the hotel ... a MUST on our to-do list each summer ;-)

  11. What a cutie pie. Love the pictures of her at the window with her little curls in the back. None of my kids have had those and I so love them. So extremely precious. I just adore babies at this age.

  12. She is so precious. I love the pictures of her looking out the window. Those are beautiful!

    Thank you for your sweet words lately. They have meant a lot. I'm hoping that today looks a little brighter!