Cabin Camping

Riley's Brownie Troop went cabin camping this weekend.  This activity has been planned for months.  Every time we discussed this upcoming event, we always got the same response..."No way Mom".

Riley is such a little homebody.  She is driven by routines and loves things just so.  To her the thought of sleeping somewhere other then her comfy bed with her stuffed animals lined up behind her was out of the question.  Or so we thought...

Our plan had always been that she would go to the camp that evening, have all the typical camping fun, singing, crafts,  roasting marshmallows, and then I would pick her up right before lights-out.   Friday morning she surprised us all with "I think I want to give sleeping there a try".  I hid my shock and replied with a very calm..."ok".  Even though I was going to miss her like crazy and the mom in me didn't want her to be out from under my roof at night, I knew she was growing up and this had to be her decision.

She quickly got ready for school and ran upstairs with her printed list to pack and get everything ready. (Honestly, I think part of the thrill was packing...that girl loves to pack!)  In no time, her suitcase was ready and her sleeping bag and pillow were rolled up tight.  I was so surprised with her confidence when she packed her blanket and stuffed animals.  She didn't worry a bit about others reactions, instead she replied with a "they are all nice mom, they won't make fun of me".  

Janey came along for the big drop-off and to help get her bunk ready.  

Then we had to give hugs and kisses and say goodnight!:(

I have to admit, this was really hard for me.  This was the first time she has ever slept away from home.

Well I am happy to report that the phone did not ring at 1 in the morning like I thought it might.  When I picked her up she was all smiles and she had a wonderful time.  I was so proud of my little Riley that day.  This was a really big deal.  She had a fear and she met it head-on and sailed through it with flying colors.   My baby is growing up and I love the young lady she is becoming.

Meanwhile...back at home...Janey loved her little night "alone" with us.  After Aubrey was in bed we had a grand time.  In true Janey fashion, she made a schedule of the nights activities and had everything planned.  

We made popcorn and ginger ale.
Watched her Daisy Troop picture DVD
Played Monopoly Jr
Had a surprise game
and then went to bed.

We had a blast with you my spunky little monkey


  1. my oldeset is the same way. I'm so glad she had a great time! And nice to have some alone time with the littles too!

  2. Doesn't it make you so proud when the confront their fears instead of giving in. . .my oldest daughter has a real problem with lots of different fears and everytime she "won" against the fear we were one step closer to losing that fear!

    Way to go Riley!

  3. Yay for Riley for stepping out of her comfort zone! She actually looks really excited in the pictures! The 2nd picture is so GOOD!!
    Your blog design is looking great! Are you going to put the background (stripes) back in? I think the writing in the middle looks so much neater/cleaner....I'm debating about doing that too...although it's just easier to NOT! The thought of trying to figure something else out overwhelms me!

  4. You are so brave! My kids haven't started sleeping away yet {except for grandparents} and my heart races just thinking about it! Great pictures! {My daughter has that same owl t-shirt from the Gap!} And your blog looks marvelous! So clean and easy to read! I love it! Did you do it yourself??

  5. Yay, way to go Riley! That is so exciting, you must be one proud mama! Not to mention how brave you are, it's such a big deal when they are ready to stay the night somewhere, I can't imagine! And how fun that Janey got to have a night with you all to herself, makes it even better!

  6. glad things went well and everyone got to have a bit of special time

  7. wow, cindy, reading this gave me the warm-n-fuzzies! I can't get over how similar our girls are ... this story was exactly like us about 3 years ago - the personalities of both of our older/younger seem to be just the same ... this was a really heartwarming read - thanks!! and ... yay Riley!!

  8. Sometimes our kiddos just surprise us with how they are growing up. I'm glad she had such a wonderful time!

  9. Way to go Riley! I don't remember how old mom was when she slept at the Girl Scout cabins in Parkland.

  10. wow! what a big step! so glad she had a great time, and so glad her sister enjoyed a little me time with you guys.

    p.s. i love the way your blog looks. you changed it up since i was around last and it looks so pretty!

  11. Good job Riley!! That's a huge deal. I'm glad she had fun.

  12. I remember the first time my oldest slept away... a littl weird. What a big girl to just go for it. I bet she was so proud of herself. I can relate to that homebody feeling. THere is no place like home!:)

  13. LOVE the new look & this story. I am such a homebody still!!! Glad to see she is going out of her comfort zone & being adventurous!!! You're such a great mom!!! :o) PS LOVE the house (and front porch!) in the background!

  14. I love your new layout!

    so glad to hear camping went well. Haven't gone through that yet with mine. Usually I'm the parent volunteer. :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  15. My little one won't stay very many places with out me/us! only a couple friends houses... camp... NO way!! and she is almost 10!! ;) What a brave little one you have!! Sounds like she had fun! I have to ask... where did that owl shirt come from, do you know?!! ;) my little girl would love one! ;)

  16. Wow, I didn't know about Riley's first sleep away! What a trooper! Hmmmm....do I mean Riley or Mommy? :)