{This is Fun}

Yesterday my camera and I had some fun.
Still on automatic.
Still fumbling through
But I was relaxed
like Nicolle said.
And I think it made a big difference.

We had the most beautiful sunrise yesterday morning.

I have no idea how to capture a sunrise.
These pictures don't even begin to do those beautiful colors justice.

After dropping the girls off at school Aubrey and I planted ourselves in front of the tree.
We had fun.
I mean a lot of fun.

jump up!

Aubrey loves the tree.
When we decorated it, we put ornaments all over
Big mistake
Now our tree is au natural from about 3 feet off the ground.
It's still pretty though.

I know I haven't even posted any tree decorating photos yet.
What am I waiting on anyway....?:)
This weekend I promise.

I did all of these without the flash.
It's funny how the lighting looks so different.

 I had to put in those "back of the head curl" shots

{ignoring that should have been wiped face....}

loving this one

and these

some time with the big girls in front of the tree
and I think I might finally have some
Christmas card photos!

Christmas music
and Elmo

Does life get any better?

Today the girls have an early school day so we are heading to get our portraits taken, visit Santa and then have dinner in the food court! Sounds fun huh? Then we are ending this Fabulous Friday with a movie night.  We are watching City of Ember.  Anyone seen it?  Riley just finished reading the book.  It sounds pretty good.

Thanks for sitting through the endless Aubrey and the tree photos
I know I got a bit carried away.

Hope your Friday is Fabulous too!
Enjoy the day,

Funny random story about this sweetie I don't want to forget...
Monday Dave, Aubrey and I were in Meijer and while he was checking out, we were walking around the candy aisle.  She was looking in the box of Reeses Peanut Butter Trees.  She picked two up, looked them over, then put them down...took two steps, glanced over her shoulder, then went back to the box to turn the one right-side up that she had accidentally layed upside down! That cracked me up!!!:) Can you be a perfectionist at 18 months???:) Uh oh!!


  1. Love the photos. The sunset ones are gorgeous. It's better when you don't feel pressure, huh?! Just snap away and you will love all of your photos. The ones in front of the tree are fabulous too. I love the black and whites.

    Cute story about your "perfectionist"! Made me smile.

    about the green beans. Tell Dave even after they are done, I tossed them a few times in the serving bowl. They get better and better as they marinate in the cooked sauce. YUM!! I am glad you guys are trying them. A new favorite of ours, for sure!

  2. look how quickly your photos are improving, they're really great!! Love the sunrise, the colors on the wintry backdrop are amazing ;-)

    such a sweet Aubrey narrative, both the pics and the cute story at the end ... she's such a cute lil' muffin!!

  3. Great pictures Cindy! I love all those photos of Aubrey in front of the tree. She is adorable! Oh, and I can relate to the bottom 3 feet of the tree being 'au natural'. My 11 month old is fascinated by all the 'new toys' hanging up.

  4. So fun to have a relaxing morning with the baby. And so darling.
    Our tree resembles yours. And guess what? I don't even care!

  5. seriously, your pictures (especially the up close ones in front of the tree) are amazing! Soft highlights in her hair, you captured the sparle in her eyes. Truly awesome photos. Ahve a fun Friday at the food court! Looks like you're enjoying the new camera!

  6. What??! After you took all these fabulous pix of your little sweetie you're going to pay someone to take pix of them? Your pix are beautiful! Why don't you use yours? :)

  7. I think you might be in trouble with that little cutie. . .

    And she is such a cutie. . .you just want to eat her up she is so cute! Great photos!

  8. You took some awesome photos Cindy!
    It looks like Aubrey was in a great mood for a photo shoot! I love the big one of Aubrey in front of the tree.

  9. Love the shots in front of the lights on the tree!! Very Sweet!!

    I am not enjoying my new fancy snap and shoot... *ugh** I need more time to play with it maybe? it is not taking lovely shots... or... I am not??!! grrr... ;)

    yep... love the perfectionist story!! he he!! my nephew started his perfectionist attitude that young!! he would line things up just so... and we would spin something around to see if he would catch it... and he would get SO upset! She is at such a wonderful age!! I love hearing you enjoy her through your blog!! ;)