Hi there.
Feeling like I have been a bit MIA lately.
Lost one of my published posts last week...opened up my blog and poof...it was gone.
There were comments already there and everything.
Weird and totally frustrating....ahhhh...blogger!

Anyway...our weekend was good.
Relaxing and rainy, and a bit gloomy.
But Dave did make this and these.
Perfect rainy day bad for you goodies don't ya think?

{Aubrey had to join in the picture taking fun}

The girls both got new shoes.
And Aubrey got a new bike helmet.
Now all we need is the sunny warm weather.

Since Dave is home on Monday's we had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
So wishing I had brought my camera.
Aubrey is in love with chips and salsa.
Usually she clutches the same soggy chip through most of lunch
dipping and redipping.
She is way more happier and content eating here then at home.
I think she needs a big batch of chips and salsa at every meal.

Picked up 96 cases of Girl Scout Cookies on Monday.
We sorted and counted and got all of our orders ready.
Got your cookies yet?
We have a few extra if you need some!:)
Can you guess what my favorite is?

Loved Sarah's post from yesterday.
It really got me thinking about being present.
I never got my "word of the year" post out in time....but if I did, my word was going to be present.
I struggle with that word a lot.
Maybe it's my personality, maybe it's my curse, but I have a hard time just sitting and being.

Yesterday, Janey was home with pink eye and a bad cough, so it was the perfect day to practice.  Because if there is anyone who will bring the "presentness" out of you it's Janey Brooke.  She will talk your ear off, love you like crazy and accept nothing less then your full attention. The funny thing is, it takes really very little to make my three little girlies feel happy and loved.

sit at the little table for tea parties, play doll houses, dress and redress her babies
and unlimited nursing

watch her dance and tumbling moves, get under her covers to snuggle at night and willing accept her 5th, 6th, and 7th goodnight hugs and kisses

paint her nails, help her clean and organize her bedroom and listen to her practice her recorder or read out loud.

Sounds pretty simple huh? And I know these are the things they will remember
Not the clean house.
Then why are they so hard to do sometimes?
What are the simple things that make your little ones feel loved?

{an oldie but still one of my favorites}

And speaking of Sarah.
Are you guys doing this?
I am getting some big bags today and working on my list.
I can't wait.
It may take me closer to 80 days to get it all done. My hour and a half naptime only allows for so much!:)
I'm thinking if I get all my spring cleaning done, then spring has to come right?

Have a Happy Day,


  1. When you figure out why it is such a challenge will you let us all know the secret?!

    Love the 40bags idea! Already got a good start by tackling the girls rooms this week...

  2. great pictures. looks like a fun time in your house. 40 bags sounds like a good idea. great purge

  3. I'm constantly working on this! Always a challenge.

    I was just thinking about the 40 bags today. I'm so going to do it!

  4. I'm doing the 40 bag challenge...but not w/ the big garbage bags...just one grocery bag a day. I'm not a big saver/collector...so I don't think I could come up with 40 big bags! It will be a great start to spring cleaning! (my house desperately needs it!)

    Both those recipes look soooooo good! How can I get my husband interested in cooking for me? Actually, if my husband was like your husband...I think I would be HUGE! :)

    Hope Janey is feeling better today!

  5. What a great reminder. I definitely need to savor each day instead of wishing it away for the warmer weather to get here.

  6. you have a janey brooke??? my girls are arianna JANE and lucienne BROOKE! :) love those names. :) amen and amen to both of sarah's things... although we live in a tiny house so i have to do this all the time to not get nominated for the hoarder show... but i think i need to attack MY closet for sure. :)

  7. Great post! Love the 40 bags challenge. :-) Hope Janey is feeling better!


  8. I love the new sneakers and the new bike helmet! :) I hear ya on being present....I want to kick myself sometimes, but then I try not to live with regret over things.....but, I feel like since Boyd has been born each day I'm cleaning/orgainizing/errands, etc. I don't sit with him enough or give him my full attention. It's hard to do. It's good to be aware that we need to do it more often. No they won't remember if the house was clean or dirty, but still, if a clean house makes mama happy, then it's still important! :))

    I am happy to say, I've cleaned out so much junk over the last few years, I would not be able to do the 40 bags thing, but I do love the idea a lot. I am still doing small things though. Just filled up 2 walmart bags today with trash/donations. It always feels so good.

    have a good evening!

  9. I tried doing a brown bag a day last year... in Feb.... I managed to get 15-20 out my door before quit!! ha ha! so... I am guessing you didn't buy 96 boxes of cookies... she is a scout right? some of those she sold door to door? or well... these days friends & family! =) my little scout sold 107 total now... and has done one booth sale... last one is tomorrow... and then we are done with girl scouts forever... Aaaah... she is growing up! and more interested in band, soccer and swimming now... *sigh* =) they grow up so fast!!

    we are missing our vitamin D too!! seriously missing it!!! =)

    Hope the sun peeks through the clouds for a little while this weekend!!

  10. Think you might be willing to loan Dave out for a weekend, he always cooks the most amazing things, so jealous!!! : ) The pictures are so cute! That's a lot of girl scout cookies!! 40 bags sounds great, it's always nice to have a de-cluttered house! Good luck!

  11. Always love seeing pix of your sweeties. I suffer from having a hard time being present also. So wish I was better at it.

    That challenge is a good one. I wonder if I have the backbone to tackle it. Clutter is my middle name.