{Weekend Glimpses}

*****sorry for the blurry pictures...blogger issue again?!?*****

Are Fridays part of the weekend in your house?
Well, they are here....especially when they look like this

Guess all that dancing in the kitchen really works.
The skies were clear, blue and full of sunshine!!

Aubrey and I headed to one of our very favorite places...can you guess?
We stocked up on cleaning supplies and other little goodies.

Aubrey and I spent the rest of the day doing a bit of this

and a whole lotta that

Dave surprised the girls with a bag full of yummy goodies for movie night.

Saturday began with some late sleepers and early morning snuggles

Riley had a Brownie function and Dave and Janey worked on her recycled animal project. Each student has been researching an animal, and as a culminating activity, they were to build a replica out of recycled materials. How about that Bottlenose Dolphin?

a bit of spray paint and wa-la

someone else felt like they needed a dolphin too...

Sunday was lazy, low-key and ended with one of these...

a perfect weekend in my book.

Hope your weekend was perfect too,
Have a happy day,


  1. looks like a good weekend and she did a fantastic job on that dolphin!

  2. oh... Sunshine!! We are experiencing WAY too much rain... **UGH** such is life here in the PNW... Love the Dolphin!! and that pizza is making me want to give up gluten free and pig out! ha ha! ;) Hope you are having a good week! and that the sun stayed with you all!... mind you could share a little of it with us! he he

  3. Is that first picture your house Cindy? I just love your house. It's so gorgeous. What a nice day it looks like too!

    Fantastic job on that recycle project! I am impressed!

    That pizza looks divine!

    Hope you are having a great night.
    I love seeing how much your pictures are improving! They look great.

  4. Wow, Janey and Daddy sure did a fantastic job on the recycled dolphin!!
    You ever gonna do a pizza post? :)

  5. I'm glad you had such a beautiful weekend. I can tell that your weather was really nice! Pretty pictures! :)

    You know I have to comment on that pizza. I can almost taste it by that picture. Yum. I'm guessing it's another one of your hubby's pizzas?! He rocks!!!!

    Your girls always look so sweet and happy in their pictures. I know it's b/c they have such fun parents!

    ps. thank you so much for your kind comments. They REALLY mean a lot.

  6. That dolphin looks great!! Love that's it's a recycling project!!


  7. That dolphin is faboulous. And boy, oh boy, do I want to be invited over for one of your hubby's pizzas!!!