{Aubrey is Two}

my baby is two
seriously how can that be?

our friends came over for a low key party
aubrey loves a party and loves when our friends come over
so it was perfect
she is quite the social butterfly

{sorry...all of these pictures seem to be blurry....ahhhhh blogger!}

when we asked aubrey what kind of cake she wanted she said "strawbee"
we made this cake
and it was super crazy delicious!
the girls had fun decorating it too

it was so funny to watch her as the cake was being sliced and served
these expressions are so classically aubrey
she is a watcher and a learner that's for sure

she held on so tight to that strawberry shortcake girl the whole night
and yes she ate that whole piece
we all did
i told you it was delicious

she loves to tell us to close our eyes for things
"mommy...close eyyyyyyes"
so of course it was fun having her do the same before we brought in her big present

baby got a new bed
and she loves it

she also got this little baby that goes in the tub

bubbly goodness at it's best

We love you so very, very much Aubrey Kate.
You make us smile, laugh, slow down and basically appreciate life just a wee bit more.
You are truly a blessing and a gift!
Happy Birthday to You...our sweet baby girl!


  1. Happy Birthday, little Miss!

    glad you had a wonderful celebration!

  2. I can't believe she's two either!!! What a great birthday she had, and that cake looks delicious! I can't wait to have another little one running around. I'm 21 week! Getting there :))