{Hi...it's me!}

hi friends!
seems like it has been waaaaaay longer then a week since i last posted.
i guess because so much has been going on

the flurry we call "end of the year mayhem" has come to an end and we are officially on summer vacation after we pick up our report cards tomorrow morning (and then drive straight to Panera...come on...you know me by now right??)
can you hear our very loud yaaaaahhhhhooooosssss ????

so much to write about...
school ending
dance recitals
summer lists
but our pesky little computer is not cooperating

apparently we have a motherboard that has gone kaput
along with some other technological mumbo jumbo
so i have been without a computer since wednesday
a bit scary sounding huh?
at first i was going through some serious  with drawls
but now
i kind of like the excuse that has kept me off that pesky little thing
(even though i have missed you all dearly!!)

we have a new computer on order and it should be here in a week or so (currently using dave's work laptop, hence the no photo post!)
but in the meantime we will be off to vacation in Fl
yes i said FL
we are all so excited and ready for a little sand between our toes

i promise to wear sunscreen and take lots of pictures
miss you all dearly and
can't wait to catch up with you all soon!

have a happy night


  1. Enjoy your holiday!! I'm sure the kids are very excited :)

  2. Enjoy your vacation from the computer and from life and enjoy that sand between your toes - it's good for the soul!

  3. Yay, schools out for you guys!! Have a wonderful time in Florida!
    Hopefully by the time you get back your new computer will be there and we can see some beach pictures!

  4. congratulations on crossing the finish line ... 8 more school days for us, so we're in the homestretch! So happy for you about Florida ... enjoy every wonderful minute and say a big hello to the sunshine state from ME!!

  5. no computer is a scary thing. hope you enjoy your time in FL. It's been hot yet beautiful lately

  6. I hope you have a ball on your vacation to Florida! I am looking forward to all of your fantastic pictures! Enjoy!

  7. ps. Meant to also say I've missed you on here, big time! :))

  8. Can't wait to hear about the end of the year and your summer plans! Glad you're back... I took some time too! Crazy busy. Have a great Monday!

  9. now I forget where you live... but Florida sounds so amazing right about now!! we finally have warm weather.. but the sand is calling me too!! we have a little tiny beach trip planned starting the minute school is out.. NOT UNTIL LATE JUNE!! *sigh* I use a mini lap top and it is giving me trouble too... I will be where you are very soon... we had a hiccup but got through it... but I need to loose the mini!! =) Have a lovely lovely time! Blessings! I am only managing one post a week (since March??!!) yikes... I miss it ... but way too busy to put in more than a day or two... one day posting... one day surfing! =)
    have fun fun fun!!

  10. Have a wonderful vacation!!!