{We're Home}

we had a blast in fl
the sun
the sea and
the sand between our toes was just what we all needed

i have already trudged through the ten+ loads of sandy laundry
the suitcases are packed away
and we are into summer mode
kind of

i must admit a trip right after school gets out has it's advantages
and disadvantages too
all those papers that come home on the last day...
well they were waiting for me
right where i left them
why someone didn't come over and put them away i'm not sure:)

we still have no computer:(
it should be here on friday
fingers crossed
the only time i can jump on dave's laptop is after the girls are in bed (or a day like today when aubrey power naps...not typical) and honestly that is the last thing i want to do then
i'm a morning person remember??

i must be honest i am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that lies ahead for me
when that little box arrives
all the pictures to download
the blog posts to catch up on...because my brain can not jump right into summer posts until i have backtracked the end of may...could you?

i have missed all of you like crazy and hope you have not forgotten me:)
i promise to catch up on all your posts soon
stay tuned for more to come
i promise to be back soon....

have a happy day,


  1. I've missed you like crazy! So glad that you are sort of back. I haven't forgotten about you. I keep waiting every day to see if you have posted. I can't wait to hear about all what is going on with you. I want to see LOTS of vacation photos! :)

  2. glad you enjoyed your trip. hope you enjoy playing with your new pc. can't wait to see the pics from your trip too

  3. sounds like a great vacation...i wish someone would coem put all of my stuff away for me and i haven't even been anywhere though! : ) ugh, i feel ya with the computer woes, such a pain. can't wait to see all of your pictures when you get around to it!

  4. YAY you're home!!! I too have missed you like crazy and was so happy to see you in my news feed - hip hip hooray!! when you get settled, i'm looking forward to hearing all about florida ...

    btw, i've been right here the whole week and those same school papers are still sitting right where they got dumped that first day - at least you have a great excuse ;-)

  5. Glad you all had so much fun! I was just telling my husband that I want to go to Florida next summer. Can't wait to see some pictures!

  6. So gald you had fun! Welcome home and looking forward to catching up!

  7. You are not forgotten...so glad you are home, happy and have all the time the summer has to offer to do that laundry and sort those piles! Take it slow and keep your holiday alive!

  8. missed you. . .glad you had a good trip. ..

    so sorry about the computer. . . that is the worst!

  9. can't wait to see all of the pictures from your trip.

    hopefully the new computer process will go smoothly!!!

    happy summer to ya.

  10. Welcome home Cindy! Glad you all had a safe and exciting holiday :) I have missed your posts too...looking forward to seeing the pics!

  11. Hi Cindy! Glad you guys had a great vacation- can't wait to see your pictures! I've been MIA this week...so I'm trying to get caught up on the blogs this morning. I'm glad you're back!!! Have a great day!

  12. So glad you had a great time!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!