{Janey's 7 and a Half}

little miss janey brooke is 7 and a half today!
oh how we love this little girl
she has such a heart of gold and
a tender spirit
{see babi hiding...she is never far!}

handmade cards from sisters


her book this year was the american girl doll school book
she has been wanting this book for awhile
it's perfect for her
she loves playing school
in fact...she says she wants to be a teacher someday:)

riley and i made mimi's famous summer pie by request
softened raspberry sorbet in a chocolate pie crust topped with cool whip and frozen

it got a very enthusiastic thumbs-up

we love you so very much our little 7 and a half year old

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  1. Aww how sweet that your girls made Janey handmade cards! (your house is beautiful btw) and they are ALL so pretty but because this is Janey's post I have to say how gorgeous her blue eyes are with her dark hair!
    Hope you all had a great day together...thanks for all of your recent comments on my blog lately too Cindy :)