{Weekend Glimpses}

what a wonderful and crazy full weekend this was.  janey and i walked in a parade saturday morning.  this was janey's first parade. lets just say she was a wee bit excited. could have been throwing all that candy.  i think it was more about waving to her sisters. dave snapped a few pictures from the sidelines. aren't small town parades fun? 

janey had a handful of candy all picked out (just the right blend she said) waiting in her hand for like 4 blocks. it was a special handful just for her sisters.  we walked past lots of "hungry-candy-wanting-kids"  but she kept that special handful ready till she saw these two.

after the parade, we raced to a soccer double header and then i snuck away early with aubrey to get my hair done. (yes...those hideous greys pictured above were washed away!!) she was so cute waiting in the salon for daddy to pick her up.  she had her baby in her lap and her blankie on her shoulder.  she was so good.

we had a fancy smoked pork dinner and then played outside for a bit. the days of popsicles on the tramp are shortening i think.  we had a few "chilly-ish" mornings and i have a feeling fall is knocking.

sunday morning was kind of lazy in comparison. it felt good. dave made this. it was warm, gooey and delicious. perfect for a sunday morning. we had been promising the girls we would take them to the pool all summer. we finally delivered. they were overcome with pure joy!!:)

we have to divide and conquer when we head to the pool.  dave takes the big girls because basically i'm not really a water person. love the beauty of it and all.  love sitting near it.  but actually getting wet is not one of my favoirtes.  weird i know.  especially for a fl girl i guess. we had a pool in our first house that was so beautiful.  dave jokes all the time that i was probably only in it like 10 times!
anyway.....i spent the day following this little cutie around.

to say she loved it was an understatement. just look at that face!!!

she splashed, ran in and out of the water over and over, said "tum on mommy" as she grabbed my hand, slid down the slide countless times and had a wonderful day.

taking pictures of a toddler at the pool is hard stuff. can't leave them to go grab your camera. and once you get it...who wants to bring it around all that splashing and squirting. but i did manage to capture this one while enjoying a shady snuggle with my baby. ahhhhhh....sweet bliss....

meanwhile....on the other side of the pool...the big girls were walking up and sliding down more times then they could count.

practicing swimming and enjoying their daddy.

a family picture would have been great. this is about as close as we got.

wish i could have bottled up a bit of this day. it was filled with more laughter and smiles then chores and to-do lists. we all can't wait to go back again.

hope your weekend was perfect too,
have a happy day,


  1. Aww what a wonderfully fun looking day filled with gorgeous sunshine and beautiful kids! And just look at that water, so inviting...But I'm with you on the whole getting in the pool thing, I'm happy just watching. Although...those slides do look fun ;)
    What a great looking public pool, I'm on my way!!

  2. Is that your public pool? Looks like the funnest pool ever! LOVE the pics of Aubrey coming down the water slide! She is a brave little girl.

    Isn't it so weird how school starts...and then all of the sudden we have chilly mornings?

    Have a great day Cindy!
    PS. I am on the sub list again this year. I doubt I will get any calls though for awhile...who takes off at the beginning of the year?! :)

  3. HOW FUN! Oh my word. These pictures made me smile. All of the laughter and joy in everyone's faces. Boyd would have loved that monster truck in the parade. The water park looks like a blast. Love it all! The photos are fantastic!

  4. looks like a fun filled weekend. that pool is very cool, I can see why the girls want to go play there

  5. So fun that you guys are still swimming and enjoying the sunshine! The girls are growing so, even I can see it! Love the photo collages too!

  6. FUN! What great pictures! The parade & pool sound like they were a blast. LOVE that she kept the candy for her sisters....very special.

  7. That pool is amazing!!! My favorite picture EVER on your blog is the one where Aubrey is resting on you in the shade, delightful!

    Love the pictures of you in the parade when you saw your other girls wating on the side. Great shots your husband took!

    Looks like a great weekend. Someday when you're up for it will you do a post on your daily schedule. Mostly I'm looking for advice on after school... how careful are you with it or do your school aged girls have a ton of friends in and out all afternoon? Just curious... Also, I know that you drop off at school, do you pick up also or do your girls take the bus home? You can tell that I struggle with after school. There seems to be such a short amount of time. There's homework, dinner, sometimes activities, just wondering how other people fit in playdates or if I should stop worrying about it and not feel bad that I keep Anna all to myself after school. Sorry to go on so long,

    Have a great night, tara