yesterday turned around
days like that usually do for me when i set out to make them better

we headed to that new store
it was totally cool
but not stroller friendly
so we went without one
big mistake
lets just say aubrey touched more cool vintage home accessories then i did

she wanted to go up and down the funky wooden noisy stairs
over and over
all by herself
we left in about 10 minutes or less
there were tears and lollipops involved
but it was all good
we played in the parking lot and i let her roam the car and sit in my lap in the drivers seat for awhile to make up for dragging her into this hands-off kind of place. we recovered and went home to watch max & ruby. those two little bunnies always make everything better don't they? i think it's ruby's voice...she never gets mad at max!

after dinner, janey and i took a trip to mcd and went to the park
it was a nice change
we both needed that

see her new feather?

are these popular for girls where you live?
{i remember clip-on feathers of a different sort when i was young}
they look kind of cool...riley got an orange one
they were $15
they used their own money:)

it was nice sharing time with janey and doing an ordinary everyday thing in an out of the ordinary place

hope you find some out of the ordinary today too

have a happy day,


  1. love that last one! Great shot!

    what a fun evening!

  2. Great photos! :) Oh friend, I've been to those "not stroller friendly" stores. Can I be honest, it aggravates me. I feel unwelcome, like they don't want my money. Don't they know their merchandise is safer with my child in a stroller?! And I've had those shopping experiences where Boyd picked up everything, the store clerks shot us some stares, and we left with me in tears, and Boyd screaming. haha. So I can relate. Glad it all got better for you! :))

  3. love the pictures, glad things turned around. I hated those kinds of stores. oh well

  4. Glad things ended better yesterday. Love that you make one on one time with your girls. I'm sure it's a hard thing to do/fit in but the girls will cherish those special memories with you. Sounds like that store will have to wait for a Saturday morning when Dad is home with the girls...and take your camera so we can come along too!

  5. Oh to just sit and read .. and be a kid again :)

  6. so glad things turned around. Somedays I wish I didn't have a grab everyting 4 year old with me when I shop and then I realze that it will be gone too soon. I know how you feel...

  7. YES! Those feathers are really popular here too. Our neighbor is a hair stylist. He put them in both girls' hair for us. Love Riley's though. It's much more streamlined than ours.

  8. Whoops! Sorry I meant Janey. Not Riley!