dave had to go back to work today and i was sad.
watching him pack up his computer bag this am was a real bummer.
that first day he goes back to work after a long vacation is the hardest.
especially since it usually means a very busy day for him too.

so aubrey and  i got back to our routine as best we could.
panera with the "grandpas" and the library.
we got so many good books.
we even ripped our poor library bag.
some old favorites...

 (remember these lisa??)
and some new ones too.

it is COLD today.
it's 45 right now but i swear it feels like 25.
it is grey and windy.

it has been drizzling all day...we may even get snow showers later this afternoon as the temperatures drop. i know i have said this before, but i don't think i could ever live in seattle. i need to see the sun.
a lot.

we spent the rest of the morning huddled by the fire
and playing

and chatting with daddy when he found a moment to call.

every time the phone rings it's a mad dash to reach it first as this little one yells "i got it, i got it!"
something about the phone...why do kids love it so?

i guess it must just look like sooooo much fun every time we are on it?:)

{thankful for}
1. a fireplace
2. a down coat
3. a toddler to keep me young
4. kind people
5. friends
hope your tuesday was terrific,
have a happy day,


  1. My favorite is the toddler keeping you young. That's how I feel, and I never want those slobbery kisses to disappear and turn me into an old lady.

  2. i so agree with the first day back at work for the husband being the worst. it's too bad i like that man so much. ;) LOVE your new header pic! :)

  3. I love the library.

    That little face is adorable.

    And that first day back to work is always so hard, but we are grateful that there is work to go to. And that lifts my spirits.

  4. Hi Cindy!! I am finally popping over your way and what gorgeous photos of little Aubrey!! I say it all the time, but she is seriously so adorable!! I love how you guys read together, and yes, I believe children keep us young :)
    I am with you on the sun comment, I couldn't live without it. Although, I wouldn't mind turning down the heat just a bit ;)

  5. Hi Cindy,
    A day in the library sounds so much fun. I love books.

    Hope you all adjust to the schedule with your husband back to work ok. That first day is the worst.

    That last pic of Aubrey on the phone is a GREAT photograph! Love the look on her face, the pic is so sharp, and the beautiful bokeh from the Christmas tree makes it so sweet.

  6. Love the pictures of Aubrey on the phone. I am just like you, it's hard when daddies go back to work. I always feel for Kevin b/c I know he will be slammed. I like a rainy, grey day every now and then, but I love the sun like you. Yes, toddlers do keep us young, huh?! Even when my body doesn't feel young, my mind does, and I love it.


  7. Oh yes, grateful for friends too. Friends like you!

  8. CUTE header Cindy!

    I am always sad too when Eric has been home a few days and then has to go back to work...what can you do?!

    That last picture of Aubrey is amazing...your pics are lookin' gooood!

  9. ps. Love your new header! AND, I'm copying your thankful list for the month of December, if that's ok?? :)

  10. looks like a fun way to adjust back to "normal". hope you have a great week and warm up a bit soon

  11. yuck, back to work. I hate that feeling too! Looks like you made the best of it. Your day looked cozy and wonderful!

  12. yep. the phone. I can't stand it, but my littlest one STILL thinks it's the coolest thing ever. I understand that feeling of your hubby having to go back to work after a vacation. Such a let down.

  13. I love that you are a library mom. The public library is one of life's blessings that we have missed the most this year. And that cozy warm fire and sweet girl are pretty nice too. Stay warm!