{Pie, Cupcake Jars, and Crafts}

happy thursday!
when my alarm woke me up this morning i had the thought to turn it off for the weekend...since it was finally friday. again in the shower i thought, wow i am soooo glad it's finally friday.  then it hit me....wait a minute...bummer...only thursday...but thursdays can be good too right?

check out the pie my baby made.

sweet potato pie from a show he saw on diners drive-ins and dives.
he even brought his "heat gun thingy" home from work to toast the marshmallows...now that's a passion for cooking.

we have been having the most beautiful sunsets this week.
i have no idea how to truly capture one.

the skies were on fire with color.
it was so beautiful.

speaking of beautiful...
check out this little cutie i just added to my counter today.

i saw a jar like this filled with cupcake wrappers floating around blog land somewhere and i just loved it the minute i saw it. this jar was from walmart for $7.50 and most of the liners i got from michaels for $1.50 a pkg.  every time i look at it i smile.:) perfect decoration for janey's cupcake party next week!

this little sweetie has really been into crafting lately.

of course we pick the sunniest place in the house to craft, which is great for keeping warm but not so great for photos.

i love how she babbles to herself when she works..."dease (these) are my magic scissors and dease are my magic markers"

"let's see...."

"right side up so you can see the color"

still with me??
i got a little carried away i think....

do my photos look crystal clear and bright??? probably not, cause i have no idea what i'm doing but i am shooting them with my new Christmas present. dave surprised me and i love it. (thanks again nicolle for the behind the scenes sneaky assistance) in other exciting news, i am signing up for a photography class at our local community college. it's only a couple of hours for two saturdays, but i am hoping to learn a lot.

see...thursdays can be good too.:)

have a happy day,


  1. It so easy to get carried away snapping photos! Love, love these. . .she had the most adorable cheeks!

    The sunsets have amazed me too. Nothing like a mid-winter sunset. . .there must be some scientific reason for this, right:)

  2. I thought you caught the sunsets perfectly. So beautiful. I'm going to make sure I watch ours tonight, just because of you.
    Love that little Aubrey. Wish we could get her and Evie together for a morning--babies, sippy cups, and coloring. It would be so fun.
    You always brighten my day, Cindy. Thanks for blogging and being my friend.

  3. She's a cutie Cindy! And I love your jar also :)

  4. They DO look sunny and bright! So beautiful and a busy girl so perfectly captured. And I too have thought everyday, "This MUSTS be friday". But for entirely different reasons :)

  5. such cute pictures of your little one. looks like she is having fun being creative

  6. you are going to love that lens-- it's awesome! :)

  7. wow, cindy, i think these shots are all fabulous - love the series with the markers in the glass jar - love the way the light is hitting it and wow are they ever sharp! and ps, I had my hands on one of those exact jars today (literally today!), I have been LOVING them every time I'm there ... but without the airtight seal to make them functional (for flour, sugar, etc) I just can't quite justify taking up precious counter space :(:( ... but with those pretty cupcake liners instead ... maybe you're onto something!! and last thing, those sunsets are aaaah-mazing - WOW!!

  8. Oh baby. You are rocking it with your new 1.8. Capturing so much beauty and love in these shots. Can I come to photography class with you. Been on my let for several years. I am so impressed you are all signed up. Congrats.

  9. Awesome shots Cindy! Good for you for signing up for a photography class...I bet you'll really enjoy it. And, I love all your pretty cupcakes papers sitting on the counter!

  10. oh my that cupcake jar is the most adorable thing I've EVER seen! I'm running out to walmart today for a jar and michaels for the wrappers. We make cupcakes a lot over here especially with Abigail's allergies. I always need to have them on hand. Love your pictures so much! Looks like Thursday was a happy day! ~ ps, the sunsets were amazing! And... that IS a passion for cooking for sure!

  11. Oh my gosh Cindy, before I saw the end, I was thinking, I am going to ask her if those crafty photos are with her new lens. I could totally tell, and the pictures are so great! Love them, and I love Aubrey's little face. Now I miss Boyd, and he's only been away for a day!

    Your husband is amazing in the kitchen. Wow.

    I think you captured those sunsets beautifully. I have seen some gorgeous ones, but those colors are just breathtaking. I was staring at them forever. Beautiful photos friend!

    AND, I saw that glass jar and cupcake liner idea too. The colors you chose are perfect. It looks so great in your kitchen.

    Enjoy your day! xo.