{Weekend Glimpses}

happy sunday to you.
i feel really on the ball...getting my weekend post out on sunday.:)
i think it might be a with it kind of week...kind of has to be...my baby is going away.
mama needs to be on her game 24/7.
planning meals and cooking them...plus all the other stuff i do.
i know most of you do the meal thing every day...so i will get my inspiration from you!!:)
on with the weekend...

we had a wonderful friday, and a good friday always counts as part of the weekend around here.
aubrey and i spent friday with some good friends at the university expo.
the girls had so much fun.

the girls got to see many different kinds of insects, bees making honey,
dig for fossils and touch lots of animal bones.
my girlfriend and i joked that their favorite part was the car seat-free bus ride and playing on the big tree while waiting for the bus to pick us up.:)
it was a fun day filled with lots of smiles.

on our way home aubrey and i took all the back roads.
the day was just perfect.
our favorite bumpy bridge ride was extra wonderful today.

friday night riley went to a birthday party.
it was a sleepover but she had decided earlier in the week that she wanted to come home after dinner and the movie were over.
well...we got a call around 9:30 asking if she could stay and sleepover....!
oh goodness...a big mama moment i was totally unprepared for.
i knew this day would come soon enough....just didn't think it would be that day .
she asked so respectfully and confidentially, that we decided to say yes.
then i hung up the phone and cried!!!!

we decided not to tell janey who was waiting up for her because we knew there would be tears.
and there were.
saturday morning she crawled into our bed asking where riley was.
when we broke the news....she cried and cried.
i think it had more to do with not getting to share this first time experience with her big sis.
i think she thought their first sleepover would be together. :( honestly, so did i.

it felt so strange in the morning without riley there to do all the saturday morning stuff with us.
when we caught a glimpse of her walking across the street (at least she was close-by) the girls ran to greet her.

i can't tell you how much i love this picture!

she had a good time.
and i am hearing things about seeing a 3 something on the clock before they went to sleep!
but that explains why she fell asleep on the floor saturday afternoon and doesn't remember being carried to her bed for a 3 hour nap...slept till 9:30 sunday morning and took a 2 hour nap on our bed sunday afternoon.
oh the price we pay to party!!!:)

janey and i dreamed of bathing suit weather and then got ready for party number 2 of the weekend.

the big girls were so excited to visit their old stomping grounds...little gym...and aubrey was as fearless as ever. we went for pizza afterwards and had such a wonderful time.

the big girls slept in till after 9 sunday morning.
dave went for bagels and we enjoyed a quiet morning with this peanut.

she loves her bagels...and sharing daddy's cream cheese.

when these two finally woke up they went straight to their favorite things.

sunday afternoon janey had party number three and got to swim her little heart out.
riley played a groggy-eyed soccer game and we spent the rest of the day chillin' with a blankie and arthur.

and we ended the weekend with...

i thought of you nicolle when i took this sangria shot

dave's exotic scallop and pancetta pizza
i stuck with pepperoni and cheese:)

our weather was so glorious we couldn't have asked for a better spring-teaser weekend.
does it feel like spring in your neck of the woods?

all photos were edited on the cool new site picmonkey.
have you checked it out yet??
hurry on over, it's pretty awesome!

hope your weekend was a happy one,

{thankful for}
1. good friends
2. sunshine
3. spring in the air
4. music that makes you feel good
5. deep breathes......



  1. Hahaha do I have something on my face mummy?
    Aubrey is seriously so cute and growing up so much even since I started reading your blog last year!
    Great weekend you guys had, a busy one too. I completely understand your feelings having Riley sleep at her friends place. It's a weird feeling in the morning not waking up to one of your kids or being able to kiss them goodnight. But just look at the smile on her face at the door!! She had fun by the looks of it.
    It's a sign they're growing up when they want to start doing these things, and it takes a lot of trust on our parts as mums.
    I will have to check out that new photo site seeing as picnic is closing, thanks for the tip!
    Have a wonderful week Cindy xo

  2. The sleepover story just tugged at my heart. I would have cried too as a mama, and poor sweet Janey. I do love that picture of the 3 of them hugging! :) That red covered bridge is so gorgeous. I have never seen one in person. Right out of the movies! So pretty! You guys have been busy with parties. Our weekend was really low key compared to yours, but yours sounds fantastic. Love the bagel shots of Aubrey. She is a sweet and adorable girl.

    I'm not a scallops girl either. :)

    The sangria shot made me smile. It looks yummy, and I love love love the photo. My sis in law sent me a shot of a pitcher of sun tea shortly after I visited them in Hawaii last year. She wrote that it reminded her of something I would have taken a photo of. She was right.

    I have not heard of that photo editing site, so that will be my new go-to one. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day friend.

  3. Your photos are all so good Cindy...you must have started that photography class! So cute seeing Aubrey having fun with a little friend. Brady went to his first sleepover Saturday too...I felt sick to my stomach all night.
    I'm heading over to check out your editing site! Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your week...even though your sweetie is away.

  4. looks like a great weekend. so much fun for all. I love the pictures of your little one covered in cream cheese

  5. Best of luck with your solo week... I find it exhausting being on my game 24/7; I know what you mean!

    Sangrias and pizza to die for!!! If we lived around the corner I'd be there!

    The sleepover... awe... it's hard I know. We've had a bit of time to warm up to it with grandparents living close by. Somehow sleepovers at a grandparents house are not as dramatic for me. Anna's only been on one "frined" one and I hated ever minute of that evening and morning! Love your homecoming pictrues! Especially the sisters hug!

    Looks like you all had a lovely weekend, have a happy Monday! tara