{Happy Birthday Riley}

today our biggest sweetie is 10.
double digits.
it just makes my heart sing with delight and wonder...where did it go?

riley wanted lemon poppy seed muffins for her birthday breakfast.
a yummy summery way to start the day.

getting aubrey up in the morning is one of her favorite things to do.
she usually starts begging the minute we hear a peep on the monitor..."i used to leave you in there for awhile and you turned out just fine":) is what i always say. it usually works.
when riley told her today was her birthday aubrey said "can i come??":)

we had a pretty low key day.
that seems to be the theme this summer and i am honestly loving it.

we invited out friends to go on a birthday picnic at one of our favorite parks.

i love this one...a lot of stretching to be the tallest.

  we climbed the bell tower all the way to the tippy top...several times
97 steps
all smiles

we love these girls

we are still in the process of redoing riley's room. it has been slow goin but we are thrilled with the results so far. dave finished all the painting and wainscoting (thanks poppy for all your help) and next we are wrapping up the closet and accessories. we can't wait for the big reveal.

present opening faces still crack me up

riley choose brownies for her real birthday and a cake for her party.
nothing like double dessert:)

silly brownie eating faces


we had some friends over a few days later.
the rubiks cube was a hit.

we love you so very much baby.
you delight us everyday with your sweetness and your heart!:)
we are so excited to see what this next year will bring.
mommy and daddy


  1. That last pic is adorable Cindy!!
    Happy 10th birthday to Riley :)
    She is a beautiful young lady.
    I love those pics of their funny faces and those muffins and that cake look delicious!!
    Hope you enjoyed your day together xo

  2. Happy birthday Riley, what a fun day for her and for all of you.

    The cake is so cute, and I love the pictures of her opening her gifts.

    I'm glad summer is still relaxing for you. I'm really trying to be like you and relax more and more each day.


  3. love this post - I have riley's b'day memorized now since my youngest was born the next day ... she was 11 on the 8th - time seems to be going faster every year, huh?! happy birthday to your beautiful riley!!