{Insta Friday Week Seven}

hi there!
another fun, fun week here.
we wrapped up soccer camp and vbs yesterday.
the girls absolutely loved them both.
poor janey...after being up so late with vbs i had to wake her up at 7:30 each morning to make it to camp. she was such a sleepyhead trooper:)

we are still trying to take things slow and go at our own pace.
so far it has been our most enjoyable summer yet.

 pizza night topping prep

 sno-cones on the tramp with friends
 tech savy...already

 the girls were playing out back making homes for each other.
aubrey opted for the hose nest.

 building riley's new nightstand with daddy
 riley loves to do hair.
she watches YouTube hair videos all the time.
she is really good actually.
french braiding your own hair is tricky.
but she makes it look easy.
i told her she has to do my hair every day we are in fl.:)

 i feel semi-cool now
i bought one of those cassette tape adapter thingies designed for people with really old cars and really
cool iPhones
now pandora sounds really good.

 sneak peek of riley's new room...can't wait.
the move in begins tonight.
 library time
 best $30 we've spent in awhile
 a day at the park

hope your week has been a relaxing and happy one.
have a happy day,


  1. Love instagram...that pool....the new room and the days of summer! Enjoy!

  2. Such sweet moments you captured this week Cindy! My favorite is Aubrey laying in the hose! I might try to particpate next week...I am loving instagram too!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. hi cindy - long time no see ;-) my girls just got out of school yesterday, longest toughest homestretch of our lives, but it's DONE!! SO glad to have nothing ahead but days like the ones pictured here - love it!!

  4. ps - please find me on instagram so we can partner up ... my name is luckyladybug123 :):)

  5. Looks like a fun and relaxing week to me! I just love summer.

  6. What a great peek of your week. We are on a no schedule summer (just finished up a week of StayCation) and lovin t. I know what you mean about just taking it easy. What a cute sleeping spot in the hose nest. Adorable. Loving the new room. Fantastic colors.

  7. Hey Cindy! I just love the smile on Aubrey in that first picture lol
    Great photos, yummy food, you're making me hungry lol
    Hope you and your sweet family are all well and enjoying summer xo