{yestserday, today and tomorrow}

we finally got out of the house this morning before 9:30:)
i knew we needed to start practicing that "get up and get out" thing so the first week of school wouldn't be such a shock. (secretly i just missed panera) so we went for breakfast and to the library.
we shared peach smoothies and
we left the library with a bag of books and smiles on our faces.
i love how the library can do that for us.

the girls spent the rest of the day
making up dances
texting and face timing their friends (?!)
reading and writing letters.

i tried to squeeze in a few things from my crazy to-do list.
remember i said i was motivated...

i have this monster ambitious list i am trying to tackle this week.
i want to feel good and accomplished so next week...our last week of summer...we can chill.
funny how almost everything on my list is blog and photo related!:)
believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as things to-do goes...i was trying to keep it somewhat doable!:)

having a big list can take it's toll though can't it?
i have skipped working out this week, which i hate to do...mentally i just need that.
but that time came in handy in the wee dark hours for this morning person.
my kitchen table shows the signs of  my project a.d.d. too.
but i see an end in sight and it feels really, really good:)

gap had a huge sale on wednesday.
the big girls and i went out to dinner at panera (i know twice in one day is craaazy!)
then picked up a few things for school.

everyone was smiling.
most of the time.
those regular size dressing rooms can get kind of tight with three people in them.
especially when one of them keeps dancing to the very loud music gap plays.
can you guess which one?!?!:)
she says she can't help it...when she feels the beat she just has to move!:)
ps it was janey

dave had fun with just aubrey.
after dinner they went to dairy queen for a mini-blizzard.
he said she kept snuggling up on him in the booth and trading bites.
at the end of the night she said...."do riley and janey know about this place???"


thursday we tackled something on our summer list...the pool.

we were supposed to go with friends but they had to cancel so we braved it alone.
the girls were beside themselves with giddiness.
they have so much fun i know we should go more often.

after aubrey came down the slide one time she just broke out in dance.
i guess i have another one who just can't keep still when they hear music:)

it was a beautiful day that ended with a hair appointment for me.
i really did listen to that "note to self" i wrote last year about coloring my roots before first day of school photos!:)
oh how i love that hour and a half of peace, quiet and people magazines:)


tomorrow the craziness of rec. soccer begins for us.
dave is coaching both girl's teams again so between two games and practices each week we have soccer every day except sunday. i am really not ready for this but i am trying so hard to have a positive attitude. i know we need to simplify like crazy. (maybe that is another reason i am trying so hard to get some things done now)
easy meals
no big projects around the house
low key time planned for the girls.
the positive benefits certainly outweigh the negatives...i just need to keep saying that to myself over and over for the next 6 weeks:)

so what have you been up to?
any big things on your list you are trying to check off?
one of my most daunting tasks (getting photos and documents off the external hard drive) turned out to be easy peesy...sometimes the things we put off the longest turn out that way don't they? so jump in...you may be surprised:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. highs of 76 today
2. snuggle time on the sofa
3. chocolate chip muffins cold out of the fridge
4. clean water
5. friends


  1. Cindy, so many things I love about this! I too try to have the to do list complete so our last week is low key. I am also working on early to bed, early to rise, but with the Olympics on, not having much luck with that one! I love the pool pictures. I too wish we had gotten there more this summer. The days just got away from us! And those pictures of Aubrey in the sun hat at the pool! So cute! Flynn was on my lap and she said, "Mommy, is that me?" :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. My kids go back to school on Monday so tomorrow I am going to start getting them up at their new "wake up" time...I am not looking forward to it!
    Looks like you have been having fun. Love the pool pictures.

  3. Your new "do" is beautiful. I love it. Looks great on you!

    The pool pictures are so much fun. I also love that you go to Panera so much. I just see Panera, and I think of you. :)