if you came over today you'd see laundry from yesterday still in the basket in the family room.
a load in the dryer fluffing (for over an hour now) and one in the washer,
last nights pj's in a pile on the stairs,
littlest pets and groovy girls all over the floor and
stuff that needs to be filed or put away all over the kitchen table.
but i feel happy today so i really don't care.

i think it might be all the sunshine and the slightly cooler weather.
i said slightly...80's instead of 90's but i'll take it.

my sweet little janey is making friends at school.
she was really worried about it right after the year began.
she told us that she just sat "wherever" at lunch and kind of wandered around the playground at recess.:(
that just breaks a mama's heart for sure.
after lots of role playing..."hi...want to sit with me at lunch"...we had a breakthrough.
and today she even said another girl asked her if she wanted to be friends.
now isn't that just the happiest.

she said "this was a lot easier then i thought...i think i worried about it too much at the beginning of the year". oh how i love it when they have their own light bulb moments!!:)

i have begun the task of sifting through 2010's photos.
yep, 2009 is safely tucked away in albums (yeah!!!) and it's time for 2010.
when i think about the task that still lies ahead of me i start to freak out a bit....ugh.
but i am determined to get caught up and to never get this behind again!!!:)

when we were driving from mcdonalds with our ice cream cones aubrey looked over at janey and out of the blue said "this ice cream makes me think of you...it's so creamy...i love you janey". it was funny and sweet all at once.

we always tell janey how creamy she is with her fair skin and all.
i think aubrey just wanted to jump on the band wagon.
of course that turned into a ..."no you're so creamy this ice cream makes me think of YOU", "no YOU" contest. we were all laughing.

i did kind of have a sad thought as we walked into school to pick up janey for lunch...who's gonna be with me when i come pick aubrey up for lunch...no one but me!:(
but enough of that cause i'm happy today!!!:)

how about your day?
hope it was a happy one,
{thankful for}
1. an impromptu visit with a friend
2. bedtime snuggles with jane
3. sweetness
4. the sleepy fog has lifted for riley
5. food in the house


  1. Love the title of this post, Cindy. And love that you had a happy day. I am so gald that it is cooling off a bit for you. Fall should feel like fall, don't you think? I am excited for next week here...high 60's low 70's!! So glad your little is finding some nice friends to spend her days with. That makes it sooo much easier on mom. I am with you on the catching up on photos! I have major scrapbooking to do! Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy!

  2. I love these pictures Cindy. So pretty, and I can almost feel fall when I see them. Sweet Janey, I'm so glad she is making friends. That broke my heart about her saying she just sat wherever, and wandered around. That is hard on a mama, for sure!

    "Creamy"...that makes me laugh. I love your girls.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Cindy,

    I got goosebumps and my heart fell when I read that Janey just sat where ever for lunch and wandered around at recess. There's nothing harder to hear. I'm sure as you know that she'll have special friends soon but those firt few weeks at a new school can be so hard (and tough for you to hear about at home). I'm praying for a special, sweet girl to be Janey's new pal; someone that makes her happy, someone to run around with at recess. It'll come, I'm sure of it.

    Glad you're happy... happy Friday! I love your lunch picnics!!! I think I'll do that with Anna on Monday!!!

  4. Thanks for putting a messy house and happy kids in perspective. I needed that this morning!

  5. Love all of your pictures...looks like fun.
    Nicolas is having a hard time this year with friends as well. It breaks my heart when he comes home and tells me about how mean some of the boys are this year. Sometimes I will drive by the school at recess just to get a look on the playground.
    Happy Friday!

  6. Yep, the mess never goes way does it...but it's all good!

    Such good news on the friends front...so hard to watch!

  7. Such a sweet post Cindy, thanks for sharing such beautiful memories and pictures of your children. Aren't they just the sweetest!! And yes it sure does break your heart to think of your little ones without friends at lunchtime, I am so glad that has changed for Janey :)