{Fall Photo Shoot}

only proceed into this post if you are family or fall fanatics
you are about to scroll through a ton of photos
i took 238 that night...
here are some of our favorites.:)

i love this
such a complete riley look captured in this shot


janey and aubrey were not too thrilled being up on the bridge...hence the holding on for dear life look.

"dad...this is too high...!!"

and in case you are wondering how we kept aubrey so happy...
she got to drive us from sport to spot in the park.:)





...and there goes our light.
i couldn't have been happier tonight.
the girls did an amazing job and stayed smiley and cooperative the whole time.
it makes me want to practice a whole lot more with that camera of mine!:) 
have a happy day,


  1. You did an exceptional, amazing, awesome job Cindy!!! And I love love the coordinating fall outfits!

  2. The pictures on the log in front of the yellow tree look like the old Olan Mills backdrop. Do you remember that?

    My favorite? Looking around the tree. So beautiful. And I can't believe how old Aubrey looks. Where has the time gone, my friend?

  3. Love love love this, Cindy! I can't decide which ones I like the best...the playing in the leaves ones are beautiful! Glad you had a good day and have priceless memories to keep! Have a good evening, friend!

  4. Great pictures!! It sure is beautiful in your area of the world!

  5. Great pics!!!!! ; ) Love the falling leaves. Boy has Aubrey's hair gotten long.

  6. Great pics!!!!! ; ) Love the falling leaves. Boy has Aubrey's hair gotten long.

  7. Gorgeous photos. You could make a little mini book with just this photo shoot. I love the leaves! What a beautiful setting for these pictures. I think my favorite is of the girls all running towards you on that path, but they are all wonderful.