{A Happy Halloween}

doc mcjaney, bumbleicious and the carhop.

quite the scary crew don't ya think?

it was a cold night and we were feeling rather puffy in all our layers.
the girls each had on an undershirt, a long sleeve shirt, turtle neck, tights, leggings and gloves.
they were still cold.

after doing my halloween's past post the other day these photos are really pulling at my heart strings.
some days it just seems you turn around and they have all grown up.
i hope i was looking hard enough and remembering well enough because before i know it these photos will seem like forever ago.
not so funny how it works that way.

we walked around with our friends.
it's good to have friends.


janey wanted me to take this photo cause it was her first candy of the night.
it was from our house.:)

it's good to have a wagon and a fuzzy blankie too.

we made it home by 7:30.
counted and sorted our goodies and then popped some of our trick or treat popcorn.
it was a good night.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
when i tucked riley in she said, "
i love you mom thanks for everything and i had a really good halloween with you."

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. kit kats
2. wool coats
3. easy breezy classroom parties
4. b.l.t.'s...minus the t.
5. my warm bed


  1. What a great Halloween, Cindy! I am so glad your darling daughters had such a wonderful night! It does go way too fast,though, doesn't it...sigh : ( Oh well, Blessed we are, right? Happy November, friend...

  2. We were on the same wavelength about the bumblebees.

    I still remember how miserable it was to bundle up over my cool costumes. That is one luxury we have here in AZ--it was almost 90 yesterday.

  3. They are adorable and all these pictures are great!!

    Wanted to let you know I am sharing a great deal on my blog today for anyone who wear glasses of any kind! If you get a chance check it out and feel free to share with others.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. love the pictures... they are awesome Cindy! And yes, one day those little cuties will look little to you! Happiness for sure is dumping out the candy at the end of the night to discover 'what ya got'!!!

    Have a great weekend Cindy! ~tara

  5. I know what you are saying, those older photos really do tug at our hearts! I loved your post looking back at the girls' past Halloweens. So sweet. Their costumes this year are great. You are blessing your girls with so many wonderful photos, that will give them memories for the rest of their lives. I just love ya!

  6. Aw, cute! I love the costumes they chose. I know exactly what you mean...these days are flying by too quickly! And I just love your new fall header...beautiful shots!

  7. Cute costumes!! Looks like you all had a fantastic Halloween!! Is Aubrey sitting away from the big girls at the risk of them snatching some candy? Lol
    You have the prettiest house ever Cindy!!