{Weekend Glimpses}

happy thanksgiving week!!
won't be long till we'll be eating turkey and starting our shopping.
janey and i headed out saturday morning and i told her i could already feel the rush beginning.
she told me to just enjoy it...it only comes once a year!:)
good advice baby.

we had some of riley's soccer club over for a pizza party and canned food drive in our neighborhood saturday.
they girls had so much fun doing this together and they collected a ton of cans!


of course they loved dave's pizza and he agreed to make it for them every time they win this year.
i have a feeling this might be our best season yet.

sunday dave made homemade pasta, sauce and meatballs.
he loves to search around for new recipes and add bits and pieces of them to what he already does.
this time he added ricotta to the meatballs and they were extra yummy.

i never made it to my originally scheduled movie, but i did see this one!
have you seen it yet?
i must say out of all of them it was the best and i enjoyed my two hour escape from reality.
if you are planning to...don't read any of the reviews...it has a fun little twist!:)

hope your thanksgiving week starts off slow and peaceful like.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. time with my girls one on one
2. a quiet sunday morning with dave
3. old friends
4. new lip balm i love
5. popcorn, m&m's and the movies


  1. Aw, I love the canned food drive! Love it.

    I WANT the pasta. I drool over homemade pasta. Dave is so cool! :)


  2. Homemade pasta????!!!! That Dave is a wonder...

  3. Homemade pasta..yum.
    Last week while in Target I walked through the Christmas section and a feeling of stress came over me that I can not shake.

  4. that pasta looks amazing! I am already stressing over what to get everyone, the girls are almost done and so easy it's the rest of the family that always stumps me. ;)
    Hope you have a great week!

  5. Hi Cindy...love pasta on Sunday...it is just sooo...right! Glad you got to see the movie! Madison and Ryan went to our little small town theatre and it was sold out! They are going to try next weekend. I love the soundtracks to those movies. We listen to them in the car sometimes.
    Well, got my pumpkin bread made and now off to start Flynn's birthday pizza. Don't suppose your Dave would want to make a quick trip out here and whip one up for me? : )

  6. That dinner looks amazing!!! And it doesn't surprise me that Dave MAKES his own pasta! Some day I'm going to knock on your door at dinner time and just help myself :) Congrats to you and your friends Riley... helping out already! Good for you! And Aubrey, I love what you said to your Mom about Christmas and enjoying it. We can all learn a thing or two from a third (?) grader! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week Cindy! ~tara

  7. What a neat thing for Riley and her team to do...especially this time of the year. Good for them!!
    And that Dave is too much! You are a lucky wife for sure!

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