hi there.
it's wednesday...one of my all time favorite days of the week.
panera and the library...need i say more.

today we went on our own without our buds.
we didn't get to sit in our usually booth.
but we rolled with it.
i love a booth don't you?
or am i just odd?
i'm not a fan of that "sitting at a table out in the open" feeling.
i'm weird.

thanks for the picmonkey inspiration nicolle:)
i feel like my mind is spinning in a million different directions today.
so much i want to do.
goals i want to make.
things i want to accomplish.
for me and for the family.
just really need some time to ponder and be alone to get it all sorted out i think.
if life would just pause for a second...just a second, maybe i could.
but pause it doesn't.
and that's ok.
started working out again pretty hard this week.
me and half a million other folks probably.
it takes up most of my early morning hours, leaving little time for anything else.
but i know it's a good thing.
something i need.
something i want.
just need to find that balance to get it all in.
i'm itchin to get some valentines decorations out around here.
love love love that special day.
looking for some good preschool art activities too...got any great ideas??
speaking of love...i LOVE this lotion.
this is gonna sound corny, but this is seriously the best lotion i have ever used in my life.
your skin feels like silk...seriously!
it doesnt' have a fragrance which i think is a good thing, cause i use so much of it i'd probably really stink (!:)!) so i just put some of my other favorite lotion on my arms just for that tough of scent.
ok...that's enough from me today.
the girls are in bed...kind of...sister sleepover on a school night...this may be a mistake!
and i have a sofa and a mug of mint chocolate chip ice cream calling my name.
thanks for listening to this buncha nothin!!:)
have a happy night,



  1. Hi Cindy...love your Wednesdays...and what a beautiful picture of you two! Now...what s this about working out? What exactly might that entail? Is it more than say...carrying a clothes basket up the stairs...because that is my workout routine! : ) and I thought we were twins... Enjoy your evening, friend!

  2. I love your 'bunch of nothing'. And I know what you feel like about just needing some time to think through an idea. I do have that thinking time this year... but you know what I'm gona say. I'd rather have a preschooler and panera and the library. :) You can think when she's 5.. hee hee. Thanks for sharing your day. Love the 2010 picture! ~tara

  3. I understand need to think things through and not having the time. We have so many changes going on in our house and I have not really had the time to sit and process through them.
    I love the color of your scarf.
    Panera...love that place! My birthday is this week and my parents are taking me there for a birthday lunch.
    Enjoy your mint chip ice cream..my favorite kind of ice cream.:)

  4. Hey Cindy, I'm right there with you on the working out! So hard to fit it in, but I feel so much better if I do. We're going to Panera's tomorrow! I just don't know if I want the Greek salad or french onion soup. Maybe a "you pick two" will do:))) Have a great day!

  5. I prefer a booth, too...for the very same reason. I think we all have those little quirks and that is what makes life so interesting!

  6. I might need to try that lotion for Boyd. He has bumpy little excema all over his arms. I should be working out, but alas, I'm not. :) And, I hear you on the booth thing. I always pick a booth over a table. Have a good night!

  7. Came back to check out your blog this morning, making sure I didn't miss any posts, and drinking my coffee. I didn't say also that I love your blue scarf...and I'm loving your Picmonkey collage! :)
    Enjoy the long weekend.