{love day}

happy, happy love day to you!
probably one of our favorite days around here.
i like to blame it on all the girls in the house and all the chocolate of course...but i think it's just that we really love any chance we get to celebrate something!:)

as you can tell from my lack of blogging lately, i've been struggling to get what little creativity i have back and having this weird-o relationship with my camera...as in it sits in the basket and i ignore it but wish we were best friends and it would just do everything i imagined in my head instantly without any thought or work from me! ya know...that kind of relationship. so i grab it when i must...whine to you all and anyone else who will listen...pop it into automatic and just capture the moment for goodness sakes...bad lighting...weird color and all!  i guess that's really what it's all about right?!:)

any who...back to {love day}...

i had exactly enough juice in above mentioned camera to get just one shot in the morning. (you would think with all that sitting in the basket it does it would at least hold a charge right?!) look at poor sweet riley...she's been battling a cold all week and feeling not quite herself.

the day was a happy one where everyone jumped out of bed ready for the day.
i love those mornings.
that's what a class party and promises of sweets will do for you i guess.:)

and they could probably smell these baking.
thank you billie jo for a wonderful love day breakfast idea!
janey said...."these taste just like cupcakes...and for breakfast???...am i dreaming?!?!":)

we made photo cards this year and the girls loved them.

riley and aubrey attached a laffy taffy and janey attached a york peppermint pattie.
i was secretly thrilled with janey's choice and the fact that we had to buy two bags just to make sure we had enough!:)

after fun class parties and delivering some love to our neighbors we came home to a dinner everyone loves...pancakes! nothing says a holiday around here like a dinner everyone will eat! happily!

then we got ready for our annual love day scavenger hunt.
they look forward to this every year.
i don't remember doing them as a kid, but it sure is fun thinkin of the clues.
i need to make them harder every year.:)


janey was crackin me up.
her personality even shines through during a scavenger hunt.
no rushin this girl...she takes her sweet time and savors every clue!
even if her sisters are waiting on her to open their gifts.:)

riley was so excited to get one of these eos lip balms.
she has been talking about all her friends having one for weeks.
she thanked me over and over for that all night.:)

of course aubrey loved her new tiara...now she can be princess sophia for real.

janey had a special gift for aubrey too.
she choose a fairy coloring book for her out of the prize box at school.
she's always thinking of her sisters like that.

perfect for my little dancer.

aubrey insisted we wear the tiara while we opened our gifts.

 i love candles and chocolate wrapped around healthy almonds...so i can justify them and all.:)

dave's go-to gift idea!
we are soooo simple 'round here!:)

we had a wonderful evening together.
reading our love letters, snacking on sweets and just being together.
it was the perfect family night with everyone home and together.
aubrey started feeling bad towards the end of the night so we got her to bed quickly and spent the rest of the evening snuggled under a blanket watching the miami heat game.
a perfect love day in my book.

hope your love day was love filled too,


  1. Hi Cindy!!! I loved your love day post! Sounds like the perfect one and how much fun they all had on a scavenger hunt... awesome! I sure do think it is a house filled with girls and just a reason to celebrate that we all love it so much! Man I wish we lived next door and I'd help you get that camera out of the basket and make it do what you want it to do... oh I wish! Anyway for now I've got Dave's pizza sauce simmering on the stove and his pizza dough rising. It should be a good night! Have a happy weekend, tara

  2. Hello there, friend...so much to love about your Love Day! So glad your girls enjoyed the muffins...I know we sure do!

    I love the idea of the picture Valentines...they turned out great! I was sad as Rhett and I wrote out his Avenger ones, this is his last year of doing them! Oh, how I will miss that...

    Your scavenger hunt looked so fun! I bet that was a fun time in your house with 3 little ladies reading and running and searching!

    You look every bit the beautiful queen in your tiara, by the way! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us...Happy Weekend!

  3. Love the idea of a scavenger hunt!
    Looks like a great valentine's day at your house.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Scavenger hunt sounds so fun!! We love Sofia the First around here as well and also try to keep V-day gifts simple especially this year since it's already time to get Easter goodies together!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Those Valentine cards you guys made are adorable!! I would love to know where/how you did them! And, by the way your pictures are GREAT! I knew my new slr would be hard to learn...but I thought I would be able to get a few good pics...but, no such luck! They look just like the pics from my old camera! I think I may need to take a class!
    Your Valentine's Day looks perfect.
    Hope Aubrey is feeling better this evening.

  6. I love how you make this day so special for your girls. The scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun.
    I would definitely say that chocolate + almonds are very healthy. :)