well love day wasn't even over before we knew we were in for a wild weekend.
aubrey was whiny and clingy and by friday afternoon she had a 103 temp and wouldn't eat or drink or keep any of her meds down!:(
i am such a wimp when it comes to my kids being sick.
i always panic and think the worst...like should we go to the er for a fever...kind of worst.
i usually always cry.
maybe it's just when they are so small and they can't communicate how they feel and what really hurts and they are inconsolable and you can't talk or bribe them into taking their medicine.

it was a tough night trying to sleep with a burning hot three year old between us.
but we did it.
saturday she started feeling a tad bit better...but then it hit janey and i.
fever, body aches, cough.
general yuckiness.

i love to nurse my babies back to health.
snuggle them up under blankies with a drink and a snack.
wait on them.
watch their favorite movies with them.
love on them and make them feel better.
but boy it's a whole different story when you feel cruddy too.
needless to say it was a loooooong weekend.
and not the good kind!:)

thank goodness dave and riley were feeling pretty good.
not themselves, but good enough to pick up the slack and come to our rescue when needed.

today janey is home from school and we are all about 75%.
the house is a germy mess and their is laundry to be done.
we are taking it slow and stopping often for snuggle breaks.
hoping to feel ourselves again real soon.

sure hope your long weekend was a healthy one,

{thankful for}
1. goodnight gorilla dvd
2. delsym
3. hot tea
4. throat drops and motrin
5. snuggly blankies and new fun "sick day cups" from target.


  1. Oh friend...sorry...! I know how hard it is to have little sick chicks and be feeling badly yourself! Hugs and prayers that you are all on the mend soon, and you can spray that Lysol and wash those sheets!

    Get well soon!

  2. Ohhh when mama is sick, it makes it so much worse! One of my little ones is on her second round of antibotics for strep. So happy for modern medicine, but am very anxious for spring!

  3. Keeping your family in my thoughts. We were all pretty sick for a two week period and it was not fun.
    Lysol, bleach and clorox wipes were my best friends...

  4. It is so very hard when mama is sick. We want to be the caretakers and still keep up with everything at home, but it's impossible. So sorry you've all been sick. That's a precious picture of Aubrey though!