{Aubrey's Party}

celebrating your big day twice is always a good thing...

...especially when daddy makes you "strawberry cake with lemons" ...

...and this crew is around.
(their parents are pretty fun too!)
there was a lot more happening this night that never got photographed.
some group of parents was more interested in chatting and sipping moscato to worry about taking photos. :)

happy party day aubrey kate.
we all love you so.


  1. Love this Cindy! She is adorable! And I am loving the sundress!

  2. So sweet. Her hair looks so cute back. Love the little cake banner did you buy it or make it? Juliana's birthday is next month and I would like to get a little banner for her cake.

  3. Love love love love the cake! And the smiles, and the fun! Happy happy birthday Aubrey Kate! :)

  4. She is just too cute! Dave made the cake?! It looks so GOOD!!