{Janey's Nine and a Half}

what a sweet, dreamy, hairy potter lovin girl miss janey brooke is.
all rolled up into one spunky little package.

yes the planned the matching yellow
red was the first choice...but no one has any red!:)

getting her a book this year was kinda easy...

her first copy of a real life honest to goodness harry potter book!!!
thrilled is way to calm of a word!

of course the birthday girl gets to plan dinner.
and our tradition is the other sisters make the cake by the birthday girls request.
janey wanted red velvet (because red is gryffindor's color don't ya know)
with white icing and a layer of caramel icing in the middle with butter rums pieces sprinkled in.

happy half birthday our sweet, sweet janey.
we love you so very much!


  1. I just love that you celebrate half birthday! I think we need to do that here. Isabella's birthday is the week of Christmas and I always feel so rushed on her birthday.
    Love her choice for birthday cake!

  2. Her facial expression when she opens the package and sees the book is priceless! How wonderful. I hope she'll always keep reading :)!

    1. hi bee...I know, her face is too sweet right?!:) these girls sure do love their books, and for that i am sooo grateful!:)
      have a happy day

  3. Super sweet, as always Cindy! And I am loving the yellow on the girls! : )

  4. You're back! :) Happy to see you friend! Happy half birthday to your Harry Potter lovin girl! Enjoy the book Janey!

  5. Boy does Janey look like her mom in that last picture! She looks so excited about her gift...and I love that the girls are all in yellow- so cute!
    Happy half birthday Janey!