{Happy Thanksgiving}

let's just pretend it's not already December...k?:)
after a fantastic thanksgiving at my brother's thanksgiving part two did not disappoint.
it was small and quiet and just us, and that was ok too.
daddy's famous pumpkin bread french toast style
this is how i found aubrey that morning.
yep, reading a thankful book all snuggled in her bed.
couldn't have planned that one better.
our weather was sunny and beautiful.
the girls played together so wonderfully all day.
coloring posters
american girls parties
calico critters
making thankful lists and hand print turkeys.
aubrey was in charge of crescent rolls again this year and riley made her famous cranberry compote.
janey helped daddy the day before with stuffing and mashed potatoes. sorry we didn't get a picture jane...but they sure were yummy!:)

and just look at that bird!

a picture perfect lip smacking meal from beginning to end.

after a quick clean up and a little play time we headed out to see the new movie frozen.
we have never gone to a movie on thanksgiving day before and i have to say it was fun!
we have been anticipating this movie for soooo long now.
the girls loved it of course...i was just so so...tangled was better!!:)

hope your thanksgiving was filled with thankfulness and lots and lots of love!
after we got home we started to drag up all the green and red!
Christmas decorations are here!!!
yep, we ate our pumpkin pie on snowman plates and i had my first of many readings of the night before Christmas.
it's here!!
it's here!!


  1. Oh that French toast looks soooo good! Glad it was a happy day for you and your family. And thanks for the tip on the movie. We were thinking about going last weekend but seemed to get tangled up in the outdoor lights a bit too long. Maybe we'll wait on this one til its on DVD. Happy pull out all of your stuff weekend! ~tara

  2. We spent the day at home too.
    Loved every minute of it!
    Your Meal looks yummy! : )

    1. Ohhhhhh! Just noticed your new header! LOVE!

  3. The food all looks delicious, but that doesn't surprise me! :) I love that the girls help with the meal too. The bird looks fabulous! I can tell you are in the holiday spirit, and that makes me smile. The last picture of all of you is adorable!