{The Beach}

nothing like leaving the snow behind for this...

get ready for picture overload folks.
especially since as i type this it is 8 outside with a windchill of -10.
just seeing these makes me all warm inside.:)

that is one determined and hard working little digger.

that was funny!
good shots there daddy!!

lunch at one of dave's favorite childhood places.
he knew them and loved them waaaaay before they were on diners, drive-ins and dives!

then a trip down the very pier dave spent many a day fishing from.
and surfing under!:)


all that salt air and sunshine makes a girl tired!!:)

have a happy and warm day!!


  1. Ah, that looks so wonderful! I'm in Florida (as you may know) but right now it's freezing here as well (though, admittedly, probably not as cold as where you are).

    I love all pictures, but I think the one of Dave and Janey walking is my favorite! Very sweet! :)

    1. we love it when our relatives tell us it is FREEZING!!:) haha
      it's all relative right?:)
      and i love that picture too!:)
      have a great day bee

  2. You rocked (Dave included) the camera at the beach! Jumping shots, wave shots, oh and that one of Aubrey on her belly digging in the sand! Love all that happiness! The beach seems worlds away to me. How much fun it is to look at these!

  3. Great pictures Cindy, they are all truly amazing!! What wonderful memories you will have, and I had to smile at little Aubrey in the family picture lol This place looks amazing, where did you go? I bet it was extremely hard to leave it all to go back to the cold!! Looks like a pretty little town to spend a family vacation in, glad you all had so much fun!! :)