{Aubrey's Valentine's Party}

what a fun day...and i'm thankful beyond words that i could be there to share it.
lorna doone cookies and apple juice for snack...

six super fun centers:
heart toss
favorite color graph
guessing jar
healthy heart trampoline jump
pin the heart
and love bug tunnel

and treat bags with silly mustaches.

i was in charge of her little group 
and i'm happy to report that my "teacher voice" still works.
good to know since my days of "retirement" will be wrapping up here soon.
sniff sniff

have a happy day,


  1. nooooo no! Don't say it... let alone type it... someone might hear you. :) Like a school system loving to welcome you back.
    Seriously, I 'hear' and feel the pull every day. I think it's a bit of a gift from God reminding me in little, small chunks that 'you can do it again.' 'you're meant to be in the classroom' 'don't worry about the timing, I'll work it all out.' So I sit back on the edge knowing it's the edge because like you, it's almost time to jump. Sniff, sniff

  2. Cute pictures! That looks like such a fun day.

    & Going back to teach must be weird to think about, but also kind of fun...and hey, in like 5-10 years you can blog about your daughters being teenagers...kidding, I'm not sure they would appreciate that! ;)

  3. Aww look at her!! Certainly a little girl now and not a toddler anymore! I hope she is loving preschool, by the looks of it she is :) I bet you just love those days you can help out in class and be right there with Aubrey :)