{Happy Mommy's Day}

happy day to you.
hope your special day was filled with love!:)

this was a unique kind of mother's day for us.
dave had to leave for a business trip on sunday so we started mommy's day on saturday and then carried it over to sunday morning...works for me!:)

i have really been into my flowers and plants this year.
i guess the girls are all finally at that age where they can all help with the care and upkeep of it all.

my mom used to alwasy tell me..."you need some plants in your house", to which i would alwasy reply..."i have enough living things to care for at the moment!":) haha i guess my living things are growing up a bit and i have more time to devote to the green things!:)

dave painted pots with the girls and they came out beautifully. 

  if i could pop into that picture to kiss those lips i would!

the evening was absolutley perfect for dinner outside!
riley and jane are playing hand games and so is aubrey...with her imaginary little sister!
yes that's sweet.
yes that's imaginative and creative.
and yes it still makes me sad...why isn't there one more little girl sitting in that empty chair...
anyway...moving on...

dave makes some amazing mexican food!!
and pretty awesome sangria too!

and yes we meant to snap a picture of the two of us...but forgot!
riley took the camera and ran...at least someone is using my big camera these days. :)

sunday morning i had a yummy breakfast and some beautiful gifts waiting for me!

homemade cards and gifts and potted preschool plants.

after soome last minute planting...we headed out for lunch with dave before he boarded his plane. and we even managed to remembered to sneak in this pic!:) thanks for a beautiful weekend baby!

later, the girls and i went shopping. i told them they could each pick out an outfit for me...that was FUN! and they are actually very good at it!!:) if only i had all the money in the world to actually buy those three outfits!! but it was so much fun for them and me!

so thankful these three call me mommy!!

happy, happy, mama's day!


  1. I love the girls in all stripes! So cute! You had a perfect mommy weekend right down to the lunch out! So glad for you! The pots came out perfect!

  2. What a cozy, sunny, happy day :) and I love that flowerpot! Beautiful! I also really like the picture of all of you reading the card...and the trampoline pictures. You're a lucky mom, and the kids are lucky too! :)