hello there.
good weekend for us.
how was yours?

saw this little katie daisy print at target and had to take it home with me. a bit of magic for the girls bathroom re-do that will happen.
so far i have some art, and a shower curtain.
and ideas of course!
was hoping to get it in before school began but...well...you know how that goes!

salmon burgers.
without the bread.
so i guess that's actually salmon patties?!?!:)

soccer anyone?
yep...aubrey starts soccer next weekend.
i can't believe the baby that used to be bounced around in the ergo carrier on the sidelines and the toddler who used to run out on the field...during the game...is now sporting cleats and shin guards!

we had a list a mile long this weekend and we accomplished most of it.
little things from straightening the garage and figuring out how to program our universal remote. did i tell you we got a new tv?
had to...it died while i was in fl. love it but figuring out newfangled technology is NOT one of my favorite things to do!!
but thankful that's for sure.

slipped out for a little back to school shopping with this one on saturday.

she held my hand everywhere we went.
and we laughed.
and talked.
she is so much fun.

we ran into hobby lobby real quick to see their signs.
i tell ya what...hobby lobby is steppin' it up in the sign department! if you need some inspirational words in your home, this is the place to go.

thanks for a beautiful day baby.
remember :: frozen cokes, sliding flip-flops, holding hands, your first skor bar, twirling in the fitting room and dashing into target one. last. time.

dave made some aaaaaaamaaaaaazing campfire chicken for dinner.

sunday i slipped out with this one.
so much more meaningful when you can give them each a little one on one time am i right?

she is a shopping queen.
she loves all things pretty and sparkly and can really put an outfit together.

i loved every minute of my time with you janey.
you made me smile.
remember :: putting your shirt on upside down, dancing in the fitting room and you thought no-one could see you...but i spied your shadow under the door...tee hee..., frozen cokes, holding hands, and all our great conversations.

...bbq chicken, grilled onions, green beans and squash in garlic butter sauce...

smores and fun with friends was the perfect end to a perfect weekend!

hope your weekend was filled with joy. 
and little things,


  1. Such a fun filled weekend, Cindy!
    You do more in a weekend than I do in a week!
    Tell your little lady I know of a sweet little girl who would love to play Hedbanz with her!
    Nice to see you, Cindy...
    Keep 'me coming! : )

    1. Clearly, I need to preview!
      Keep 'em coming!

  2. Love the memories you typed so you'll never forget! Love the love

  3. The campfire chicken looks AMAZING!