{Mimi and Poppy}

thanks for the fun

 wake-up aubrey:)

thanks for the treats

doggies who deliver skittles on a wednesday are loved around here.

thanks for posing by the tv cause aubrey wanted to...

...it actually came out pretty good!:)

thanks for the memories

doggie hugs and walks
soccer and hot chocolate in the cold
getting lost finding hot chocolate in the cold
campfire chicken and s'mores
chex mix and other yummy snacks in the car box
a day home from school into a day at the movies
"have you seen mrs. mumble?"
the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
trouble, hoot owl hoot, and war with poppy
crocheting with mimi!!

 we love you,
come back soon!


  1. We had a GREAT time...even getting lost was interesting and Janey learned how to use the GPS! Love the pics and Tory really misses Aubrey. He needs a little kid to keep him occupied.

  2. I love how Janey resembles your mom in some ways…which means she looks like you, too! :) Very cool to see. I'm glad you had such a good weekend. PS. I love that dog. So cute!

  3. Oh man... I have so many of your posts to comment on!!!! I'll start here and work backwards, k? Mimi and Poppy and the dog!!!! Goodness overload for your family! I'm so glad for your friend that they travel (and travel well) so they can be there for the soccer, camp outs, reading, baking, playing, messes, tears, happy joy, dance classes, school pick up... all of the joy in your life! Hope they come again soon friend!!!! Your family rocks!