{Happy Birthday Janey}

happy birthday to our sweet baby jane!
it was the weekend of celebrating that's for sure!
i love this little girl.
the one who seems to be not so little these days...even though she longs to be. 

first, an evening in our pj's  with friends.

and someone stole the camera for this one...i think it was riley...but how sweet.


now for the family party a night before the real day, because this year her birthday fell on a monday and monday is a 3 hour dance night for her. and really...that's gift enough in janey's book!:)

 i love this pic so very much!!

a new scarf and a snuggly robe. her "big" gift hadn't arrived yet...even though i ordered it well before Christmas!!:( but it's handmade and it's coming from spain! that's reason to wait though right...?:)

i love these two pics as well...
boy am i blessed.

now if only i had brushed my hair and put some lipstick on!!:0 haha


on her real day...a small dish of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a candle. and lots of silly faces and smiles!

i love you so much janey.
your heart and your laugh.
the way you always want to snuggle.
and sit with me.
and talk to me.
and be with me.
i hope with all my heart that will always be so.

 happy birthday my sweet baby jane!


  1. Happy Birthday, Janey! Looks like it was a wonderful day/evening. And yes, you ARE blessed, what a wonderful family :). I love how happy everyone looks in all of these pictures.

    PS. I never really realized this before, but Janey looks so much like Dave in that picture of them together! Cute!

  2. Happy Birthday Janey....she is beautiful. It looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Happy Happy birthday Janey! You sure looks sweet (as you are) in those pictures. I'm so glad you had a wonderful, special day with your friends and family.

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