Books From Home Challenge

I had this idea in the middle of the night while feeding Aubrey...
really that is where some of my best ideas happen....

You see we usually take a weekly trip to the library
and fill our bags to the brim with new and exciting books
but what about all of the books we already have at home??
{And believe me we have a lot of books!}
They sometimes get lost and forgotten
in the midst of all the new and exciting ones.

So... in the spirit of loving what you already have
and being grateful for all the things in our home
we have decided to take a "Read from Home"
book challenge this week.  

Each evening we will read our nightly books from 
our own libraries!!  We tried this yesterday
and it was so great to revisit some of those old favorites.
So many snuggly memories 
wrapped up in those pages!

Come back on Friday to see what we have been reading this week!


  1. Great idea! We have books galore that seem to just get dusted and not read. I'm going to try pulling them off the shelf and reading them to my kids.

    Love your post on chalk. Looks like they had beautiful, fun and free play time.

  2. Great idea to revisit all the books you've collected over time. I must admit I'm a little jealous.
    All of our picture story books are packed away. Lot's of great memories are in that library so we couldn't part with the books. So there in safe keeping.
    My boy's are growing up and it's not so cool for mom to read them stories anymore :[
    Hope your having a wonderful Monday!